"You have to positively identify your target before you pull the trigger"

An as yet unnamed 27-year-old woman was shot and injured by a hunter in Elm Brook Park in Hopkinton, New Hampshire.

>>> “My God, I think a bullet just went by my head”

The women was riding her mountain bike on a trail when the incident occurred. Thankfully the injuries sustained are not life-threatening.

Police and Fish and Game officials are reportedly investigating. The woman was riding alone and “just before dark” so there are no other witnesses of the scene. The woman was taken to nearby Concord Hospital to be treated.

Quoted by WMUR news Lt. Scott LaCrosse, of NH Fish and Game said: “Because it happened just before dark, we haven’t really been able to piece a whole lot together yet” […] “And the particular area where she was at, it kind of opens up. It’s not heavily wooded on either side of it.”

The investigators have spoken to the hunter, who remained at the scene, but it is unclear at this point whether there will be any charges brought against the hunter. Hunting is legal in the area at this time of year.

It is assumed the hunter either mistook the woman for a deer or there was a deer there and the hunter missed at struck the woman. Investigators have subsequently visited the scene to map bullet trajectory and inspect trees to see if a ricochet was a factor.

Lt. Scott LaCrosse: “The hunters, you’re not the only ones in the woods, and you have to positively identify your target before you pull the trigger. Because once you pull that trigger, you can’t take the bullet back.”