With a suicide no-hander no less

Watch from numerous angles as a mountain biker gap jumps over the Tour de France peloton during Stage 10 of the 2018 Tour de France.

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Yesterday a mountain biker jumped over the peloton of the Tour de France as they were racing up the Montee du Plateau des Glieres on Stage 10. The rider in question is called Alexis Bosson. The stunt was captured and broadcast live during the TV coverage of le Tour.

This isn’t the first time a mountain biker has jumped over the Tour de France peloton.

The original TdF jumper was legendary freerider Dave Watson who attempted a frankly bonkers cliff jump over the peloton back in 2002.

Whilst Dave Watson did not stick the landing, and he did actually end up being arrested by the police for his stunt, his place in cycling folklore is assured.

But Alexis Bosson is only the third rider to hurl themselves over the Tour de France. And certainly the first person to pull off a suicide no-hander whilst doing so!

If you think you’ve seen a third rider jump over the top of le Tour then you’re probably mistaking that for the time that Szymon Godziek backflipped over the Tour de Pologne (on a road bike no less!). Which we’ve shown the clip above anyway, just because.

There was a third person who jumped over the Tour de France bunch back in 2013. That person was Romain Marandet. Marandet had a team of helpers, one of which was… Alexis Bosson.