Fined $1,652 for 'unnecessary travel'

Melbourne mountain biker Pat Riordan was pulled over on the freeway by the police and fined $1,652 (approx £830) for ‘unnecessary travel’.

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Mountain biker Pat Riordan was pulled over by the police as he drove his ute (with his mountain bike in the back) to Red Hill park for a spot of mountain biking in the Bonbeach area of south eastern Melbourne. Which is a clear breach of Australia’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

Mr Riordan had been driving for around 15 minutes on the freeway (which gives some indication of how far Red Hill park is from Mr Riordan’s home) when he got pulled over.

The police officer issued Mr Riordan an on-the-spot fine of $1,652 for ‘unnecessary travel’.

Mr Riordan is quoted by as saying: “I had my bike in the back of my car. I was on my own. I was just headed off to the trail to have a ride and do some exercise”.

Mr Riordan’s fine was later rescinded – according to – “after being publicised”. Apparently police in the surrounding area had issued 114 fines in the previous 24 hours for breaches to coronavirus lockdown regulations.

mbr’s position on cycling during coronavirus crisis

Cycling is being permitted, but abusing this freedom will likely get it taken away, and looking for loopholes in the advice to go mountain biking – even if you have trails from your back door – is irresponsible. The government advice is clear – STAY AT HOME. Limiting your time outside the house is key to restricting the spread of the virus. If you go out on your bike, do it sensibly for health and wellbeing.

Do not ride with anyone else, apart from a maximum of one other person who you isolating with at home.

Do not drive to your cycling destination. Ride from your house.