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Mackay Christian College in Queensland, Australia offers mountain biking as a two-term subject in their curriculum.

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According to the Queensland newspaper, the Daily Mercury, the school has also just been awarded the first School of Excellence Certification by Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA).

Mackay Christian College is very much into mountain biking it seems. They’re also hosting the Central Queensland Interschool MTB event and a Zach Mach adventure race which features mountain biking too.

The school has a fleet of bikes for students to use if they don’t have their own mountain bike. And the school has even designed a custom transport trailer for the bikes which is used to get the fleet of bikes to various events and races in the area.

The bikes are also available to other schools in the area to have a trial of. These guys are really preaching the MTB word down there in Queensland.

Teacher Peter Lister: “We have worked hard all year with MTBA to development program. Not just for the school but to set a template up for other schools to apply something that is achievable.”