Dutch lad Ike Klaassen lives in South Africa and pretty much has his own mountain and DH tracks to play on. Jammy get.

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Let’s try to not be jealous for a bit and just enjoy a young person riding a bike with style down some great looking tracks in a rather pretty part of the world.

(We don’t know about you but it’s not working. We’re jealous. We can’t help it! All we ever had to ride was the local woods and park when we were nippers. It doesn’t help that the video starts with him ragging around on his own motocross bike on his own personal motocross track as well.)

The best bet to avoid any green-with-envying is to skip to the 40 secs mark and just watch l’il Ike riding his l’il bike. Actually, it’s not so l’il a bike – that’s a full on carbon Santa Cruz V10 isn’t it? Argh! Jealousy strikes again.

On a technical note, we’re wondering how the video was shot. There’s clearly sounds recorded at the time of riding (tyre rumble, freewheel buzzing, landing noises etc) but there’s no noise coming from a drone or an on-side vehicle for the tracking shots.

We assume there was a microphone on the bike somewhere and all the sounds are coming from there. Anyhoo, it’s another nice example of music-less ‘RAW’ video. Nice one Ike and co.

We won’t be surprised if we see young Ike on the World Cup circuit in a few years.

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Video description:  “We caught up with Ike at his home track in Vuurberg, Stellenbosch, just outside of Cape Town. Something about his riding reminds me of the top World Cup guys, I can’t wait to see what his future holds! Good luck and keep doing your thing dude. Ike would like thank his sponsors for their support of his career thus far; Santa Cruz, DVO Suspension, BOS Sport and Leatt.”