Mountain bike photographer Dan Milner wants to go and ride his mountain bike in one of the world’s most secretive states, North Korea.

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To help him do it, there’s a crowdfunding appeal called Opening minds in North Korea has just been launched.

Dan Milner:  “Trump has got there’re first but we’re right behind him. We’re heading to North Korea to shoot a mountain bike story!

“It’s a trip that’s been in the planning for a year, but hey, we don’t care if it looks like we’re jumping on the bandwagon of warming International Relations. What better time to be going.

“We believe the world is inherently a good place. We also believe the best way to learn about somewhere or a people is to go there and see them for yourself — no political spin, no B.S.”

Milner is no stranger to taking the least-trodden paths in life and on assignment, and sees this trip as a chance to open minds on all sides of the fence. Having previously shot mountain bike stories in places from Afghanistan to Lebanon, to Milner at least, North Korea just seemed like the next most obvious place to go. “The bike is the perfect tool for breaking down barriers and opening up conversations, ‘ he says, and he is being joined by EVOC riders Harald Philipp and Max Schumann to throw shapes on the other side of the lens.

The team have turned to Crowdfunding to help cover the costs of the trip. “This trip is a chance to really get a glimpse inside this intriguing country… and share the images and story with you all,” says Milner.

Their plan is to ride the ridgeline trails among Buddhist temples on Mount Myohyang, a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, before heading to the far North East corner to ride the desolate volcanic Mount Paekdu, 2744m, the highest peak on the Korean peninsular. Finally they’ll explore the coastal mountain trails near Chilbosan.