Fix your friends

We look at three useful ways to look after rider in a pickle: the St John’s phone app, a medical kit and a training course.

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1. Download the St Johns Ambulance app

It’s free. It can stop panic. It can remind of stuff that you already know but forget about during an incident. It can stop someone getting even more injured. It’s just something you should have.

Details: iOS or Android, free from

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2. Carry a medical kit

On big mountain rides you really need to carry something like this, with a few bandages, swabs and wipes. Try the Lifesystems Pocket First Aid Kit (£12.99, and add some clever Spray on Plaster to it from Dr Weils (£5.99,

3. Learn how to use it

Cycling UK, which used to be the CTC, has just started running specific mountain bike first aid courses, two days of training out on the hills on how to deal with the kind of incidents you’re most likely to come across. If you can’t make one of those though, the British Red Cross and the St John’s Ambulance both offer regular first aid courses nationally.