Are you a dedicated follower of fashion or muddy luddite?

Are you a dedicated follower of fashion or muddy luddite? Find out by answering the following 13 super-scientific questions.

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There’s no hiding from the answer if you complete the following thirteen questions about your main mountain bike and how you have it set up.

Are you progressing our sport sufficiently? Or are you happily living in noughties ignorance?

All the burning topics of the day are included: brake lever angle, suspension spring medium, rebound setting, frame size and even how much real estae you still have left on your tyre sidewalls (all will be revealed)…

Do you pride yourself in being at the vanguard of mountain biking? Are you the person in your riding group who always makes the first move? Were you the first one to ditch your bar ends back in the 90s?

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Or maybe you’re happy to be retro. Ignorance is bliss after all. Are you perfectly fine with rolling along on 26in wheels? Maybe you don’t even know what spring curve your bike has (shock! horror!)?

How did you do?

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