Bike bits from bling to bread-and-butter budgets


The best deals on bottom brackets, chains, cranks, rear mechs, cassettes, chainrings, shifters, whole groupsets and even chain lubes and drivetrain spares.

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There are so many online deals that they’re hard to keep track of, so we’ve scoured through the list to pick products we recommend at prices that offer genuine savings. Everything listed is discounted by at least 25%. Most listed deals are actually between 33%-50% knocked off RRP.

All of the products here are ones we’d recommend from the regular, independent testing that we carry out every week. These are either specific products that we’ve ridden and rated, or at the very least are brands we’re familiar with and rate highly.

We’ve limited the drivetrain deals to 11 and 12 speed systems as we feel this is what most of our readership is looking for. Please let us know if you want other speed systems covered as well.

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Race Face Cinch 30mm bottom bracket – £39.95 – £29.94

Save 25%! “Race Face products are made to endure some of the most abusive riding conditions out there, made for riders who value function as well as fashion. Tested on North Vancouver’s notorious ‘Shore’, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your Race Face gear can take on anything you throw at it.”

Shimano Deore BB52 Hollowtech II bottom bracket – £16.99 – £11.42

Save 33%! “The Shimano Deore BB52 HollowTech II Bottom Bracket offers better sealing performance than previous editions. The Deore’s bottom bracket seal design provides smooth rotation and enhanced durability.”

MRP 1x V3 carbon chain guide – £114.99 – £49.99

Save 57%! “The 1x guide is the perfect addition to your drivetrain if you need extra chain retention, if your chain drops off the chain ring often, or if you would simply like some extra confidence that this will never happen.”

Shimano Stainless Steel cable set – £24.99 – £10.99

Save 56%! “Whether you’re putting together a new build or simply servicing your trusty rig, everything you need is in Shimano’s MTB Stainless Steel Gear Cable Set. Fitting new gears or completely overhauling your gear cabling couldn’t be easier with this MTB gear cable set.”

SRAM Powerlink twin pack – £17.00 – £7.49

Save 56%! “Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link, traditionally this was seen as being the connecting link. In contrast, the PowerLink connection is just as strong and durable as every other link in the chain. It can be opened and closed as many times as you want without using any tools.”

Fenwicks Chain Lube – £7.99 – £5.40

Save 32%! “Fenwicks Chain Lube has a blend of synthetic ingredients that dramatically reduce corrosion and decrease wear, helping your drivetrain to run smoothly and quietly.”

Brunox Top Kett chain lube – £5.99 – £2.74

Save 54%! “High-tech lubricant for chains, gears and all moving parts. It features a relatively high viscosity forming an even, non-hardening, compact anti-corrosion- and lubrication-film with 100% coverage, especially around edges. Guaranteed for up to 3-times longer between lubrications, the lubrication film is not leached away by rain or salt water, providing long-lasting and reliable protection against corrosion.”

SRAM NX Eagle 12sp rear mech – £106.00 – £63.99

Save 40%! “As seen on the top-of-the-line XX1 and X01 models, the NX Eagle rear derailleur also adopts SRAM’s 1x specific X-Horizon cage design. This carefully engineered mechanism ensures capacity for the huge 11-50T cassette and compliments the smooth Performance of an Eagle 12 speed system. This derailleur also boasts SRAM’s Type-3 Roller Bearing Clutch for unrivalled durability and quiet consistent performance.”

Shimano SLX M7000 11sp rear mech – £69.99 – £49.99

Save 29%! “The rear SLX M7000 series derailleur was totally redesigned to incorporate premium features from XTR and Deore XT. The SLX RD-M7000 rear derailleur features Shimano’s Shadow RD+ technology and a refined geometry for increased stability.”

SRAM PG-1230 12sp 11-50T cassette – £99.00 – £71.99

Save 27%! “SRAM designed its NX Eagle cassette to provide riders with the option of upgrading to 12 speed, but without the need for a hub or wheel upgrade. Ready to fit straight on to standard “splined-drive” freehubs and offering a massive  11-50T range, this cassette gives you the climbing range you need to attack the climbs and the smooth performance to get the most out of your other Eagle components. This cassette is also designed to be durable enough for the extra demands and abuse of E-MTB use.”

SunRace MZ90 12sp 11-50T cassette – £119.99 – £85.20

Save 29%! “The SunRace MZ90 12Sp 11-50t Shimano – SRAM Cassette has been specially designed with the thrill-seekers and MTB enthusiasts in mind for creating a cassette which offers a versatile and smooth shifting experience between all sprockets. Boasting a wide 11-50T gear ratio to suit your riding style, this high-quality cassette offers top-notch drivetrain performance. Thanks to its lightweight build that’s seriously robust for all terrain and weather conditions, you can ride the trails all year round. Whether you’re climbing the steepest mountain tracks or bursting across forest berms, you can be positive this cassette will exceed your performance expectations.”

SunRace MX8 11sp 11-50T cassette – £114.99 – £79.99

Save 30%! “The SunRace MX8 11Sp 11-50t Shimano – SRAM Cassette is the perfect choice of upgrade for riders who want an even and smooth shifting experience between all sprockets. Boasting a wide 11-50T gear ratio to suit your individual riding preference, this versatile cassette offers top-level drivetrain performance. Featuring a lightweight construction that’s impressively durable for all weather and terrain conditions, you can enjoy shredding trails all year round. Whether you’re climbing the steepest mountain tracks or blasting across forest berms, you can be confident this cassette will meet your performance expectations.”

SRAM XG-1150 11sp cassette – £115.00 – £79.54

Save 31%! “The SRAM XG-1150 11-Speed Cassette utilises SRAM’s Full Pin technology, which uses eleven lightweight, stamped steel cogs that are held together with 123 high-strength stainless steel pins. This results in a lightweight, durable 11-speed cassette that’s equipped with SRAM’s super wide 10-42T gear range – a perfect fit for any MTB ride.”

Shimano SLX M7000 11sp 11-46T cassette – £74.99 – £49.99

Save 33%! “Shimano’s SLX M7000 11-Speed cassette takes the features and technologies seen on their higher-end XT and XTR models and brings them to the masses. This 11-40T cassette has the same machined tooth profiles for slick shifting and “Dyna-Sys11″ rhythm step gearing.”

SunRace MX80 11sp 11-50T cassette – £109.99 – £64.16

Save 36%! “The MX80 is a wide-ratio 11-speed cassette that’s ideal for getting you out of sticky, treacherous terrains and pushing you along the straights with pace. Featuring “Fluid Drive Plus” technology, it ensures each cog works with its neighbour to optimise shifting performance. It also has an 11-50T range and features two large A7075 alloy sprockets alongside an alloy lockring, spiders and spacers to ensure a smooth, lightweight and efficient motion to your drivetrain setup.”

Blackspire Snaggletooth Oval Cinch chainring – £39.60 – £24.99

Save 37%! “The Blackspire Snaggletooth Oval Cinch Chainring is a highly efficient narrow/wide chainring, which grips the chain perfectly, prevent chain drops and will increase confidence you have in your bike’s drivetrain. The ovalized chainring grants the benefit of making it easier to pedal when your leg is at its maximum power output and creates a smoother power balance when your legs are at the weakest point in their rotation.”

Blackspire Snaggletooth Narrow Wide Oval chainring – £34.99 – £23.99

Save 31%! “The ovalized chainring grants the benefit of making it easier to pedal when your leg is at its maximum power output and creates a smoother power balance when your legs are at the weakest point in their rotation.”

SRAM NX Eagle 12sp chain – £26.00 – £18.99

Save 27%! “At the core of all Eagle drivetrains, the 12 speed Eagle chain is designed and manufactured with SRAM’s Eagle architecture. This ensures perfect compatibility with all of the other components in any Eagle ecosystem for highly efficient, smooth and quiet shifting that you can take for granted each and every time you hit the trails.”

SRAM XX1 HollowPin 11sp chain – £46.00 – £32.99

Save 28%! “A chain is just a chain, right? Wrong! Designed to work harmoniously with the SRAM xx1 Chainrings the new XX1 specific chain is constructed to interlink with each tooth perfectly.”

Shimano XT M8000 11sp shifter – £54.99 – £31.99

Save 40%! “The Shimano XT M8000 11 Speed Trigger Shifter is ergonomically designed for prolonged enjoyment and ease of use. Simple and easy to incorporate onto your cockpit with I-Spec II for horizontal and vertical positioning, this 11-speed trigger shifter is a simple yet effective upgrade.”

Shimano SLX M7000 11sp shifter – £36.99 – £23.95

Save 35%! “The newly redesigned SLX M7000 brings trickle down technology from Shimano’s higher tier groups. The Rapidfire Plus Shift Lever allows you to downshift three gears in one click and operate shifts using your thumb or index finger.”

Shimano XT M8000 drivetrain groupset – £459.99 – £249.99

Save 46%! “Shimano’s XT 1×11 Drivetrain Groupset beckons trail adventure. Manufactured to reach Shimano’s ultimate goal of giving you a better riding experience. the XT 1×11 Drivetrain Groupset is easier to use thanks to enhanced stability.”

SRAM NX Eagle DUB 12sp drivetrain groupset – £365.00 – £224.99

Save 38%! “The NX Eagle DUB 12 Speed Boost Groupset offers the same features, technologies and gear range as seen on SRAM’S top-end XX1 and X01 Eagle drivetrains. However, the difference with NX Eagle is that it falls within the reach of more rider’s budgets. It also adopts SRAM’s revised and updated bottom bracket system called “DUB”, which provides improved integration between the crank, spindle and bottom bracket. This particular groupset is specifically designed for “Boost” Type frames so the chainset has a wider chainline, ensuring clearance with these frame’s wider rear ends.”

SunRace MZ 12sp drivetrain groupset – £445.80 – £275.49

Save 38%! “The MZ 12-Speed Drivetrain Groupset offers XC and MTB riders the ultimate high-quality package for taking your off-road performance a step further. This stunning set delivers a wide range of top-notch components which have been engineered for weight savings alongside maximum energy output, so you can ride at the top of your game.”