Throttle-style power via right-hand twistgrip is sure to raise eyebrows... and questions

We’re not sure what to make of the Mondraker Grommy. On one hand, it’s not really an e-bike. On the other hand, we wish we had one when we were kids!

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Mondraker Grommy need to know

  • e-balance bike range consisting of two models
  • Mondraker Grommy 12in wheel, for 3-5 year olds
  • Mondraker Grommy 16in wheel, for 5-8 year olds
  • Three power modes: ‘Balance’ (max speed 8.1km/h), ‘Fun’ (12.1km/h) and ‘Advanced’ (17.7km/h)
  • 60 mins run time
  • 60 mins charge time
  • Disc brakes
  • Grommy 12, SRP £749
  • Frommy 16, SRP £799

Mondraker Grommy 16″

Never one to be dare to something different (remember Forward Geometry?), Mondraker have come out with two e-balance bikes. Yep, electric balance bikes.

It makes us initially wonder just where these can be ridden. Are they going to be classed alongside e-scooters, where you can effectively only ride them on private land, unless it’s a hired scooter and then you’ll also need a provisional driving license. And be aged 16 or over.

Enough of the worrywarting hey, let’s get back to the Grommy. Here are some pull-quotes from Mondraker’s press release:

[Both Grommys have] “individually designed frame and fork geometry to ensure that they handle superbly on pavement and dirt”

“Frame and forks are made using Mondraker’s lightweight (7.5kg/8.5kg), strong and durable 6061 Alloy technology, as featured on many of Grommy’s ‘big sisters’, with internal routing for the 140mm Tektro rear disc brake, and the cables for the throttle-style power mode selector on the right-hand side twistgrip. So choosing a speed is easy and the fun flows from there!”

“Mondraker’s own slim, brushless (max 250W output) motor design, and with a low, centrally-mounted position, it’s an integral element of Grommy’s handling package.”

“The easily interchangeable Mondraker-made battery units deliver a run time of up to 60 minutes with a full charge taking just 60 minutes, so a simple swap-over keeps the Grommy going as long as the kids can.”

“Mastering the three-speed controls is child’s play. The learning starts on the first setting, ‘Balance’ (max speed 8.1km/h) and the grins get broader on 2 and 3: ‘Fun’ (12.1km/h) and ‘Advanced’ (max 17.7km/h). Or turn off Grommy’s motor and kids can use it like a traditional balance bike.”