Spanish mountain bike brand, Mondraker, has invested in bringing both Shimano and Bosch mid-drive motors to its product range.

Mondraker has revealed some of its 2022 bikes and the big theme is e-enduro. The Spanish brand, which was an early proponent of progressive geometry frame angles, continues with the Super Foxy platform as its apex enduro bike.

This big-hitting 29er is configured with the latest Öhlins 38mm stanchion fork and coil shock, in its premium build.

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Mondraker is marketing both carbon-fibre and alloy versions of the Super Foxy, both with 170mm forks and 160mm shocks. Head angles are what you would expect for a hardcore enduro bike, at 65°, whilst the reach on a size large, measures out to a generous 490mm.

2022 Mondraker Dusk

The interesting update for Super Foxy 2022, is the 10mm chainstay adjustment, which allows riders to trim or lengthen wheelbase, depending on their riding preferences.

Ride from dawn to dusk with a huge battery

Mondraker’s e-enduro offering is the Dusk. Although the rear-suspension configuration might look unlike that of any Foxy, with a more conventional shock orientation, it provides 150mm of travel, balanced by a 160mm fork.

The Dusk uses Shimano’s latest EP8 mid-drive motor and riders have the option of some very potent power packs. Mondraker claims that its Dusk can provide up to 990Wh of battery capacity, when boosted with the supplementary range extender, mounted in a bottle cage.

2022 Mondraker Chaser

Despite having 10mm less travel front and rear, the Dusk’s geometry matches a Super Foxy on reach, although it does run a 0.5° steeper head angle.

The Bosch option

Mondraker’s Chaser features broadly similar frame angles and suspension numbers as the Dusk, but with a different pedal assist source.

It uses the Bosch Performance Line XC Cruiser 4.0 mid-drive motor, drawing power from a 625Wh battery.

Beyond its enduro bikes, Mondraker has also included the Prime hardtail. This is an e-bike powered by the same Bosch motoring found in Mondraker’s Chaser, but with more efficient geometry.

2022 Mondraker Prime

Prime for big mileage

Capable of running either 650b+ or 29” tyres, the Prime has a relatively steep 69° head angle, with a 120mm fork up front.

Reach isn’t too short, with a size large Prime stretching to 480mm, although the target audience is definitely more off-road riders, than singletrack shredders.

Mondraker has said that it has a few more bike updates and surprises in wait, before the end of this year.