A new Rail damper promises better damping performance for the Z1 and Z2, while a price cut makes them more affordable than ever.


Marzocchi’s updated Z1 and Z2 join the latest RockShox Psylo in the race to become the best budget suspension fork. Built around the Fox 36 and 34 chassis, with simplified internals, Marzocchi’s latest forks claim to bring improved performance on the trail, but cost less than their predecessors. No that’s not a typo; that’s better performance for less money. In fact the new Z1 is $180 cheaper (23%) than the old model, and the Z2 gets a more modest, but appreciated, $20 reduction. We loved the old Marzocchi Z2 when we tested it, so the promise of even better performance is an exciting prospect.

Marzocchi Z2 fork MY25

The latest Marzocchi Z2 fork gets a new Rail damper that claims improved consistency and grip.

Marzocchi Z1 and Z2 need to know

  • Z1 uses a 36mm chassis with travel from 150-180mm (27.5in wheel) or 130-170mm (29in)
  • Z2 chassis uses 34mm upper tubes and travel ranges from 140-150mm (27.5in) and 100-140mm (29in)
  • Both forks use a new Rail damper, which is a cheaper, simpler version of the Fox Grip unit
  • Adjustable low-speed compression and rebound damping
  • Z1 also gets a coil sprung option £719 / $649 USD
  • E-bike optimised Z1 uses a reinforced chassis rated up to 169kg system weight
  • Z1 costs £659 / $599 USD
  • Z2 is £549 / $499 USD

The most significant change to both forks, aside from the price ticket, is inside the right leg. Instead of the old open bath damper, the new Rail unit is a cartridge design based on the acclaimed Grip design. That means it now gets an internal floating piston (IFP) to pressurise the oil and give more consistent damping performance when hitting a wider range of bump sizes. There’s less chance of the fork spiking when it has to get quickly out of the way of a square-edge hit, and a more reliable response on long descents. The damper is also pressure balanced, so it can respond and change direction more quickly, improving sensitivity and grip.

Marzocchi Z1 fork MY25

Those blood red lowers will look great on a bright coloured frame.

Damping adjustments are handled by a sweeping dial atop the right leg that increases low-speed compression for extra support, and a low-speed rebound damping dial at the dropout. The air spring can be tuned with Fox’s volume spacers to change the progression.

Marzocchi Z2 fork MY25

The sweep dial gives low-speed compression damping control that can be checked at a glance

Both forks use 15mm quick-release through axles, and neither chassis gets the bleed valves or lubrication channels found on the more expensive Fox forks. Unique to the Marzocchi models is a ‘M’ arch that mirrors the brand’s logo, and both forks are available with either black or red painted lowers.

Claimed weight for the Z1 is 2,109g (it doesn’t specify which travel/wheel size) and 2,043g for the Z2. In comparison, the newly released RockShox Psylo weighs a claimed 2,320g (160mm travel), so there’s a decent weight saving to be had, especially considering the Z1 has larger diameter 36mm upper tubes (vs 35mm on the Psylo).

We’re keen to find out which fork performs better on the trail, so look out for a test down the line, whichever fork wins it’s fantastic to see more choice and better performance at price points that are more realistic for the average mountain biker.