There's a new Isolator RC damper inside the latest Psylo and Domain forks, with tech usually reserved for premium forks only


RockShox has a new fork out called the Psylo, and with travel from 130-160mm, a brand new damper, and a price tag of £580 it’s aimed squarely at riders looking to upgrade their existing bikes.

We’re expecting great things of the new Psylo, thanks to its high-tech damper

RockShox Psylo and Domain need to know

  • Psylo is an all-new trail fork with 130-160mm travel
  • Domain enduro fork is 150-180 and gets a damper update
  • Psylo and Domain use the new Isolator RC damper, with Open, Pedal and Firm compression settings
  • Psylo uses a new 35mm chassis, while the Domain sticks at 38mm like the Zeb
  • Both forks use the  DebonAir air spring, with space for Bottomless Tokens to tune the curve
  • Psylo claimed weight is 2,320g (160mm, 44mm offset): Domain is 2,501g (180mm) 

You can think of the Psylo as a budget-friendly version of the brilliant Lyrik then, one of the best mountain bike forks for trail bikes out there. That’s because it also uses 35mm diameter stanchions and has a respectable 2,320g claimed weight (in 160mm travel guise with 44mm offset). Sure, the Lyrik is some 200g lighter, but it’s also double the price.

The Psylo damper uses an intenal floating piston, tech usually reserved for top-end forks

What’s inside is arguably more interesting though, RockShox has developed a new damper called the Isolator RC that’ll also be inside the latest Domain enduro fork. It uses a three-position compression adjustment dial with Open, Pedal, and Firm settings to tweak the fork to your riding style. This means you could use Open for the roughest downhill sections, flick it to Pedal for smooth trails where you need more support, and Firm for climbing.

Open, Pedal and Firm and the three preset compression adjustments available

It’s not as subtle then as independent high and low speed compression dials that come on the latest Charger 3 damper equipped forks like the Zeb Ultimate, but should prove useful. Naturally you do get an externally-adjustable rebound dial at the bottom of the leg.

There’s not much information on the internal working of the new damper yet, although we do know it shares some features with the latest Charger 3, including an internal floating piston design that keeps air out of the oil and potentially inhibiting its damping capabilities. 

Set the DebonAir spring as per usual, and there’s space inside for Botomless Tokens

The Psylo uses the existing DebonAir air spring, but RockShox says it’s been tuned to sit higher in the travel and therefore make better use of the 130-160mm travel. It’ll take Bottomless Tokens, or the volume reducing spacers to help lighter riders tune the spring effectively. 

RockShox has also introduced what it calls “Premium” bushings to improve the fork’s smoothness off the top. And inside is Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube, the same lubricant used with the brand’s top end Ultimate forks.

There are three models of Psylo out, led by the Psylo Gold RC which is available to buy for £580. The Psylo Silver RC and Psylo Silver R aren’t for sale though and come on production bikes only, although they use the old Motion Control dampers so can hardly be called new forks.

Hard chargin’

RockShox Psylo details

  • Designed for 27.5in or 29er wheels
  • 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm travel 
  • Fork offset is 37mm (27.5in) but not available aftermarket, or 44mm (27.5in and 29er)
  • Weighs 2,320g in 160mm travel with 44mm offset
  • Costs £580

The Domain shares plenty with its premium Zeb brother, like 38mm stanchions

RockShox Domain

The modern Domain was launched in 2021 as a wallet-friendly way in to the 38mm stanchion scene, a rival for the Zeb for riders who didn’t want or couldn’t splash out four figures for a fork. Now in 2024 it gets an update, with the same Isolator RC used in the Psylo, and the same DebonAir Spring.

The Domain is built for 27.5in and 29er wheels, and travel is pre-set and internally adjustable to 150, 160, 170 or 180mm travel. There’s a 44mm offset only  and it weighs some 2,501g in 180mm travel, or about 200g more than the top-end Zeb Ultimate. It costs £620.

RockShox Domain details

  • Bottomless Token ready
  •  Short fender compatible (RockShox fender included).​
  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and quiets rebound damper noise.​
  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance ride after ride.

    Psylo and Domain both come with RockShox diddy little fender, which is solid but not long enough