Not that we had 'enduro' back in the nineties, but you get the idea

It’s 2020 and everyone’s going coil, baby. Perhaps not everyone but if there’s one product that’s crying out for coil it’s the Marzocchi Bomber Z1.

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Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil need to know

  • Tempered Silicon-Chromium steel spring
  • Air Assist for progressivity / bottom-out control
  • Spring preload easily adjustable via top cap
  • Noise management system for quiet performance
  • Travel: 150 (29 only), 160, 170, 180 (27.5 only)
  • Damping: GRIP (compression + rebound)
  • Stanchions: Ø36 mm Black Anodized
  • Fork offset: 37 (27.5 only), 44, 51 (29 only)
  • Colour: Matte Black or Gloss Red (what, no Bomber orange?!)
  • Weight Complete Fork: 2,525 g
  • Weight Coil Conversion Kit: 298 g
  • SRP Z1 Coil fork: £779
  • Coil spring kit: SRP £154.95
  • Complete coil forks are available now and coil conversion kits will be available in mid-February

marzocchi bomber z1 coil

Two years ago, Marzocchi launched its comeback with the Z1 — a fork that relied heavily on Fox technology – and that proved solid and dependable, if uninspiring. This year there’s a new coil-sprung version of the Z1, something we reckon is a smart move from Marzocchi and could expand its fan base.

The Z1 appeals to riders who want a fit-and-forget fork, something dependable enough to ride at bike parks, the local woods and maybe a week in the Alps. Throwing a coil into the mix makes a whole lot of sense then, adding weight but crucially comfort too when you’re lapping the bike park. It uses the GRIP damper, with a sweeping gold dial to adjust both the high speed and low-speed compression damping.

Marzocchi has made the Z1 Coil rider-friendly too, with the spring assembly available separately after-market. That means if you bought the Z1 you can convert it for £205 for the spring and plunger kit, while the damper side remains unchanged. Anyone with a Fox 36 Rhythm series fork that came stock on their bike can also slide the coil spring into the chassis, making it a pretty potent upgrade for much less than the cost of a new fork.

The Z1 Coil sits in a 36mm chassis, and comes in a range of travel options in 10mm increments from 150mm (29er only) up to 180mm (27.5in only). Naturally there’s a preload for the spring on the top cap, meaning you get some control over sag. And the weight penalty? The whole fork weighs 2,525g, Marzocchi says, making it 250-350g heavier than the air-sprung Z1. Is it better than the MRP Ribbon, Cane Creek Helm and Ohlins RXF coil forks? Time, and this magazine, will tell – look out for a review.

Marzocchi press release


As terrain and riding styles have gotten rowdier and rowdier, and bikes have gotten more and more capable, the need for bomber suspension that feels buttery and bottomless has never been greater. The industry has fondly embraced recent trends towards coil-sprung rear shocks yet none of the major players have stepped forth with a complete coil fork system. Up until now, that is.

Riders have been asking for it, Marzocchi heard the call and has proudly delivered. The new Z1 Coil builds on the legacy of the single crown fork that started the revolution all the way back in the ‘90s – the O.G. Bomber Z1 Coil. The new Bomber Z1 Coil delivers the same no-nonsense, super dependable, great feeling suspension that riders have come to expect from Marzocchi over the years.

Starting with the stout and proven 36mm chassis of the modern-day Bomber Z1, the new Z1 Coil retains the renowned and simple to dial-in Grip damper but swaps out the air spring assembly for the most advanced coil spring system Marzocchi has ever made. At the heart of this new coil system is an ultra-lightweight tempered silicon-chromium steel spring (available in 4 spring rates to suit a wide range of riders); coupled with a noise management system for near silent performance; an integrated air assist for progression and bottom out control; and an external preload adjuster to dial in sag and firmness off the top. Travel can easily be changed in 10mm increments from 150-180mm (depending on wheel size) via included, reconfigurable internal spacers.

All of these features plus an industry-leading 125 hour recommended service interval (for both lower legs and damper), combine to deliver what every rider wants: maximum fun and minimum hassle. With an SRP of £779, you won’t need a second mortgage to get your mitts on top-shelf suspenders.

What if I already have a new Z1 with an air spring but I would prefer the coil spring, you might be asking? We’ve got you covered! We’re offering coil conversion kits, also in 4 choices of spring rate. £154.95 (plus fitting) gets you a no holds barred coil conversion kit that was designed by the same team that designed the fork, so you know it’s going to work exactly as intended and not mess with your factory warranty.


Q: Do I have to buy the complete Z1 coil fork or can I upgrade my existing Z1 to a coil spring?

A: Nope! Parts are readily available to easily convert the spring side of your existing fork, and the damper side is identical between coil and air-sprung models. Total cost to convert is $175 USD. Once converted to coil you cannot convert back to air.

Q: Why doesn’t this system have a secondary air spring like some other more expensive coil conversion kits on the market?

A: Our coil spring system utilizes captured air and oil within the fork’s spring side lower leg to not only lubricate the chassis but also to function as a secondary air spring, providing progressivity and bottom-out resistance, and eliminating the need for any additional type of air spring or bottom-out damper.

Q: Can I adjust the progressivity/bottom-out resistance?

A: No, this feature is set from the factory and tuned to an ideal spring curve.

Q: How much heavier is the coil spring vs. air spring?

A: The only real difference in weight is the coil spring itself. The delta between a Z1 coil fork and a Z1 air fork is roughly 250-350 grams, depending on spring rate.

Q: Do I have to buy extra parts to change the travel of my coil fork?

A: Nope! Travel can be easily changed by re-orienting (included) internal spacers as noted in the included manual.

Q: Is your coil conversion kit compatible with any other forks beside the Z1?

A: This kit was designed exclusively for the Z1. It is also compatible with the Fox 36 Rhythm series fork. It is not compatible with any other series of Fox 36 forks, such as Factory, Performance Elite, or Performance.

Q: Do you plan to offer coil conversion kits for other fork models in the future?

A: Quite possibly! Time will tell…

Q: What does the preload adjuster dial do?

A: Spring preload allows you to increase or decrease spring force to achieve the proper sag setting. Spring preload does not affect spring rate or the shape of the spring curve.