Sean Elms weighed 34 stone before his dramatic transformation

Sean Elms was a fast-food loving lorry driver with one simple desire, to ride a mountain bike. However, at 34 stone he was simply afraid he would crush it.

Following a heart attack scare and realising he couldn’t walk more than a few metres without having to stop, Sean decided it was time for a change. In just over a year, Sean has dropped 21 stone, bought his dream bike and is now being used as a weight loss poster boy in GP surgeries in Sandwell.

Sean Elms transformation

Sean’s diet used to consist of a greasy breakfast to start the day and a fast food take away for dinner but, after joining Weightwatchers, he has now changed to eating Weetabix, chicken salads and low calorie hot pots.

The Mirror reports that Sean said: “I used to go out shopping and would get stared at. I’d get out of breath after walking short distances, and people would across the road to avoid me.”

The 44-year-old has dropped from size 7XL to a medium/ large and says he feels better than ever as his confidence and freedom grows.

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The biggest moment in Sean’s weight loss journey was when he was finally able to buy his mountain bike. He said: “I’d always wanted to get a bike in my adult life as I had one when I was a kid. So after I lost the weight I saw a bike shop and just went in and bought one. Now I go out for bike rides and take the dog with me too.”

Sean Elms on his bike

Elms aboad his Ammaco bike

The transformation has been so dramatic that Sandwell Borough Council has placed life size cut outs of Sean in local GP surgeries and libraries to promote weight loss for men.

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Sean told the Express and Star: “It’s been an incredible journey and I feel really proud of myself, I’m like a rejuvenated person.

“I just want to keep going and stay as fit and healthy as possible. Being able to own and ride a bike feels amazing, and I’m able to do things my weight always held me back doing.”