Seb K strikes again

Check out this 6.8kg machine which is very probably the lightest full suspension bike in the world. A passion project from the super weight weenie Seb K.

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You may remember Seb K from last year and our ‘Actually, THIS is the lightest mountain bike in the world‘ story. Well, he’s been at it again and this time with a full suspension bike.

Seb K: “I have this 6.8kg full suspension bike which is most likely the lightest in the world. It has taken nearly a year to build and has a lot of parts, modifications and work I have done. It also has very high end parts (about £11.5k put into it). I have on order Maxlite 285 tyres (the same ones on my 4.8kg MTB) but they won’t be here for a while. Will take another 60 grams off.”

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The spec sheet

Get ready for this lot…

Frame: Scott Spark carbon 2010

  • All paint and clear coat removed and sanded to 2000 grit and carbon polished
  • Shock pivot axles hollowed out further and deburred
  • Shock mount bolts replaced with anodised blue titanium
  • Gear hanger replaced with Pilo custom anodised black hanger and machined down to save weight finished with custom titanium bolts (heads machined down and stem machined in the lathe)
  • Base of headtube machined by 1mm out to take new headset bottom cup
  • Bottle bosses machined down and excess bosses threaded with Schmolke carbon bolts
  • Finished with custom gold writing on the side ‘SebK’

Rear shock: custom carbon DT Swiss

  • With lever removed and shaft reshaped (hexagonal for Allen key) to save weight
  • Finished with custom black reducers

Fork: RockShox WC carbon fork

  • Damper replaced with NDTuned custom air damper
  • NDTuned cap, bolt and rebound knob replaced with Hopp Carbon parts and Schmolke bolt (machined down in the lathe to fit the cap)
  • Air compression rod replaced with ND Tuned custom black rod
  • Fixing bolts replaced wth ND Tuned gold torx bolts
  • Fork brace machined out using the router and then metal polished
  • Air cap replaced with Hopp carbon cap
  • Steerer cut to length
  • 1187grams
  • Custom Schmolke fork plug – slightly tight so machined down in the lathe and reinforced with more epoxy resin
  • Fork axle – custom ShiftUp carbon axle with end cap anodising removed and dome shape created in the lathe then sanded to 2000 grit and metal polished – other end machined down in the lathe and deep tapered edge created

Rear Skewer: custom Tune U20 carbon and titanium skewer in anodised blue

  • Rod cut down and tapered

Custom blue Chris King headset

  • Top race removed to lower stack height and save weight

77 Designz custom enduro stem

  • Aftermarket gold titanium torx bolt (stem machined down to save weight)

Beautiful Beast Components blue (film) carbon handle bar with wide carbon weave

  • Cut to length
  • End of bar inside diameter machined out by 0.5mm to fit plugs then tapered
  • Carbon polished
  • Custom Schmolke bar plugs

Custom foam grips

  • Less than 10grams for the pair
  • Ends cut off and tapered in the lathe

Beast Components blue UD carbon bottle cage

  • Reshaped and additional oval shaped cut out to save weight then deburred and carbon polished

Custom gold tapered titnaium bottle cage bolts

  • Stem of bolts hollowed up to wide shoulder of stem to save weight but not weaken bolts (bolts cannot be hollowed all the way otherwise debris can get in the frame and hollowing from the stem allows the heads to be intact)

Beautiful Tune Skyracer forged carbon saddle (first of its kind)

Saddle fixings – Custom Darimo Dyneema fabric and anodised black barrel nuts finished with MCFK black titanium bolts (machined down in the lathe)

Token BB with gold cups with ti nitiride coated races and ceramic balls with custom gold spacers

FSA carbon cranks

  • Paint and clear coat removed and sanded down to 2000 grit then carbon polished
  • Crank bolt replaced with custom Racing Line end cap
  • Cap anodising removed and outer edge cut off and all angles tapered and then metal polished

Speedplay pedal bodies

  • Edges machined down and deburred
  • Custom titanium plates and carbon plates fininshed with titanium bolts
  • Titanium plates drilled at both end and highly countersunk to save weight
  • End caps removed and bolts replaced with custom dome titanium bolts
  • Custom titanium axles hollowed all the way and then deburred (104grams for the pair makes them the lightest speedplays in the world)

Extralite 32T chainring with custom hard coat anodising (ceased production)

Custom Carbon Ti black chainring bolts with black washers

YBN ti nitride coated titanium chain (all rollers are titanium)

  • Part of chain replaced with KMC black DLC coated plates and blue pins (manually refitted with titanium rollers)
  • Finished with two black KMC DLC snap on links
  • Less than 200grams

10 speed 4 KCNC cassette with anodised sprockets (one piece)

  • Custom Ceradure cassette with 6 sprockets cut away
  • All edges tapered then fitted to the KCNC to make 10spd
  • Custom Extralite lockring in anodised blue

Shimano XTR rear mech (non clutch)

  • All bolts replaced with Carbon Ti anodised gold bolts
  • Jockey wheels replaced with Ceramic Speed wheels in anodised red
  • Jockey wheel bolts repalced with custom Schmolke torx bolts cut down in the lathe
  • Inner arm plate replaced with Fibrelyte with certain parts cut away to save weight
  • Outer arn bottom section cut away to save weight
  • Pinch bolt replaced with custom Extralite titanium bolt

Powercordz gear cable in custom blue

Custom Nokon carbon outer cable housing with Powercrdz lining cut to length

Shimano XT shifter

  • Lever drilled and oval shape created using the router then tapered

Shifter/brake clamp

  • Left brake lever clamp replaced with Brakeforceone carbon composite clamp
  • Right clamp replaced with Brakeforceone dual clamp for both brake and shifter
  • Base of clamp machined down using the router to create a lip that locks with the shifter
  • Finished with custom Extralite titanium bolt

Magura MT8 carbon brakes

  • Hoses shortened
  • Bleed nipples and hose fixings replaced with custom gold parts made specifically for the brakes
  • Lever clamp bolts replaced with custom blue bolts specifically made for the brakes
  • Caliper mount bolts replaced with custom Extralite titanium bolts
  • Custom rear brake mount adaptor using carbon and aluminium (less than 8 grams) made by Eliflap
  • Finished with custom gold titanium washers and carbon washers

Scrub disc rotors (discontinued)

  • Rear disc carrier machined away to a three spider (instead of 6 and fully tested) and fully tapered
  • Finished with Extralite titanium hollowed rotor bolts

DT Swiss XRC330 carbon front wheel

  • Nipples replaced with Sapim gold nipples

Easton Haven rear hub relaced to Easton EC70 carbon rim using same spokes and Sapim gold nipples

Tuboltio inner tubes (lightest version they have)

Schwalbe Furious Fred tyres

  • Some tread removed using tread cutter