Lazer's new MIPS lid is designed to work with all those trail and enduro helmet accessories that go along on a serious ride

For riders seeking a helmet with extended coverage and the MIPS liner, Lazer has a new option in its portfolio.

The Belgian helmet brand has added a Jackal MIPS, designed with trail and enduro riders in mind.

Shaped with a generous structure, that covers the base of the skull, the Jackal MIPS is targeted at riders who don’t shy away from technical trail features.

Lazer’s industrial design and product team recognize that goggles and action cameras are very much an integral part of trail riding. As such, the new helmet features some clever ergonomics to play nice with accessories.

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No more goggle hassle

Having a goggle strap creep whilst riding can be deeply annoying. To avoid this Lazer has added a U-shaped texture to the helmet’s rear section, allowing your goggle strap fabric a secure interface.

The Jackal MIPS also features a three-position adjustable visor, which has a generous enough aperture to allow for goggles to be conveniently stowed above the brow, when not riding.

Lazer provides a detachable camera mount with its new trail helmet. It uses two Velcro straps and has sacrificial properties in the event of a crash, saving both cameras from damage and riders from injury.

Beyond the goggle- and camera-friendly nature of its new helmet, Lazer has integrated safety and comfort features. With the MIPS slip-plane liner, brain trauma from angular impact forces are reduced, whilst 19 vents keep you cool, riding on those sweltering days.

Lazer claims a 390g weight classification for the new Jackal MIPS, in a size medium.

Pricing is set at £149.99 and of the seven available colourways, UK riders will have access to black, blue and grey. Sizes are small, medium and large.