Labour savers

The following twelve products are the sort of things you didn’t know how good they were until you tried them.

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Who doesn’t like labour saving devices, tools and accessories that either simplify or speed up the whole maintenance process?

We all do because, even though working on your bike can sometimes be satisfying, most of us just want to cut to the chase and just get on with the riding.

1. Feedbacksports bicycle maintenance app

Feedback Sports website

Following a proper maintenance schedule will save you time and money. Feedbacksports bicycle maintenance smartphone app lets you plan repair and service intervals and has prompts and reminders so there are no excuses for a badly prepped bike.

2. Topeak Powerlink pliers, £11.99

SRAM’s Powerlink means you can connect a bike chain without using a chain splitter but you can only get the chain apart again using chain link pliers like these from Topeak. Comfortable, spring loaded and with a catch, so they stash neatly and safely in your toolbox.

3. Park Tool Dummy Hub 1, £19.99

If you remove the wheel and hook the chain round Part Tool’s Dunmy Hub, you can clean it without contaminating the disc rotors or getting cleaning spray near the bearings. The roller slides backwards and forwards as you run through the gears and can even run on a 12mm thru axle.

4. Stans NoTubes The Injector, £13

Top up the sealant without having to remove the tyre with The Injector from Stans No Tubes. You can even suck up the liquid sealant (worth it because it’s so expensive) if you’re swapping tyres for the winter. The dual threaded plastic adapter fits both Presta and Schrader valves.

5. Topeak Joe Blow Booster, £139.99

Seat tubeless tyres in seconds with the Joe Blow Booster. It delivers a massive blast of air to seat even those most stubborn of tyre beads. You even get an easy to read gauge, extra-long hose and a bleed valve for fine tuning.

6. Topeak Torque 6, £21.99

It’s impossible to tell how tight stem bolts should be, which is why most are over tightened leading to fatigue and failure. Play it safe with Topeak’s Pre-set Torque tool, available in 5 and 6N/M with a host of interchangeable bits.

7. Offset Screwdriver Attachment, £6.31

No more struggling with ball-end Allen keys or a multi tool, this attachment lets you tighten bottle cage bolts in seconds. It’ll also tighten any bolt in a confined space such as seat clamps and brake lever reach adjusters.

8. Epic Brake Bleeding Solutions Top Cap Socket, £12.99

Epic Bleed Solutions website

Remove the air cap on your suspension fork without rounding off the soft aluminium by using Epic Brake Bleeding Solutions laser cut socket spanner. Available in all the common sizes (24, 26, 28, 30 and 32mm) and colour coded too.

9. Stans NoTubes core remover, £10

Removing the vale core allows you to top up with fresh sealant and also clean any congealed gunk off the core itself. To do this properly you’ll need a valve core remover, like this red devil from Stans NoTubes. It can also tighten Schrader valve cores in most rear shocks.

10. Passport Bottle Cage Mover, £11.99

Got a small frame, bottle hitting the rear shock as you take it out? Then tweak the position it using Passport’s Bottle Cage Mover. The slotted mount offers 30mm of adjustment, anodised bolts included.

11. Finish Line Kit No Drip and Dry Lube, £11.99

Lubing the chain is a weekly task but you can save time and precious fluid with Finish Line’s No Drip chain luber. It deposits the lube exactly where you need it, comes with replaceable pads and can be used again and again.

12. Problem Solvers Tubeless nuts, £6.99

Problem Solvers website

Upgrade those tiny aluminium washers holding tubeless valve stems in place with Problem Solvers meaty tubeless nuts. More to get hold off, so they’re easier to get tight, which reduces the risk of leaks and air loss.