Saving you money when it comes to maintenance

10 ways of getting the same results as proper workshop tools but just with easy to access household goods or by simple modifications to regular kit.

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Having a fully stocked workshop like the mbr dreamworld is a dream for most of us. Specialist tools, lubes oils and cleaners can end up breaking the bank if you’re not careful.

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We’ve gathered ten of the most ingenious ways of saving yourself plenty of money when it comes to maintenance time.

  1. Oil filter for a chain whip
  2. Spoke for internal cables
  3. Spoke as a chain hook
  4. DIY bearing press
  5. Household brushes rather than dedicated bike cleaning ones
  6. Washing up sponge for chain cleaning
  7. Make your own degreaser out of lemon juice, baking soda and water
  8. Make your own Swarfega from hand soap and salt/sugar
  9. Baby wipes
  10. Furniture polish to repel mud

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So there you have it, ten super cheap workshop hacks that could save you plenty of money.