We can hear the cheers from here

The new KS Lev dropper post will be hailed with cheers from all those riders with older bikes with 27.2mm seat tubes and no Stealth cable routing ability.

Do you have a bike with a 27.2mm seat tube that’s a few years old that you’ve been struggling to find a dropper post for?

Up until now there have been dropper posts available in 27.2mm diameter but there has always been one of two problems with them.

The first problem is that newer 27.2mm droppers have been Stealth routed. Not an option for bikes that aren’t up to date with such routing. And not may people are willing to take a drill to their bikes (very wise).

The second problem was that – if the post was externally routed – it would only offer meagre amount of drop. 100mm of drop is thebiigest drop we can recall seeing on an externally routed 27.2mm dropper.

Check out this new KS Lev then.



Externally routed?


More than 100mm drop?

Yep. 120mm available.

How have KS LEv finally managed the Holy Grail of droppers-for-old-bikes? They’ve redesigned the insides. There’s now more air-volume and more oil volume inside the cartridge, which itself is now one-piece rather than a two-piece cartridge.

For a SRP £350 it may not be as cheap as budget brands posts but what price being able to keep your existing pride and joy bike?