Kilian Bron using a 360 GoPro to stunning effect

The helmet POV is a video trope done to death but occasionally a video comes along that blows you away. This is one such video. WOW.

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Kilian explains his filming method

“Here is one of my lines filmed at Farwell Canyon in GoPro FUSION. A crazy spot 6 hours drive north of Whistler.

“Here are my settings: GoPro Hero 6 + Karma Grip. 2.7K in Superview, 25 frames per second achieved by disabling the in-built video stabilisation.

“With a camera positioned slightly lower than the horizon, so as to see part of my helmet on the top of the screen and the entire cockpit on the lower part.

“I drove on Sunshine Coast a few days ago, northwest of Vancouver. The editing is simple but here is a nice overview of the spot, filmed in just one downhill.

“But this shot is not always the best, especially on very steep lines where it is difficult to highlight the vertical effect. In this case, think instead to put your GoPro on the helmet, slightly inclined down. And opt instead for 2.7k mode 2:3, which increases the field of vision in vertical.

“A format that corresponds to both Instagram and Facebook, filmed vertically 9:16 for stories or 4: 5 for posts.

“To return to the topics just above, this is clearly the kind of line where it is difficult to show that it is steep. While it really is! I speed up continuously on the first half of the line. I definitely wanted to show you the river at the top of the image, the trail centered and the slashes of my rear wheel on the bottom of the image. All without distorting the video.”