A marriage as strong as the tandem.

Watch and wince as Mr and Mrs Green attempt to clear a ten foot gap jump on their homemade 200mm travel full suspension tandem, callled Trev.

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Jackson and Rose Green are from New Zealand. They describe themselves as a “pioneering tandem mountain bike DH and Enduro team, pushing the boundaries of what two people can do on one bike.”

The video above shows them having a crack at a ten foot double. As Jackson describes: “Doing jumps on the tandem is quite strange. It’s super big and stable in the air but, like, really hard to pop. You always land a little bit nose heavy but that’s the way to land a tandem jump and ah, it’s bloody good fun.”

To which Rose says: “Just hold on and close your eyes.”

If you’re wondering what bike it is they’re riding, it’s a custom made affair that they’ve put together themselves using a TIG welder and bits of old bike frames.

Trev the all mountain (enduro) bike

Frame: homebuilt
Travel: 200mm
Wheels: 26″ Mavic 729 rims laced to Hope front and Chris King 150mm rear.
Fork: X-Fusion RV1 HLR
Shock: X-Fusion Vector HLR

Trev is not their only homemade tandem. They’re also parents to Bruce…

Bruce the trail bike

Frame: homebuilt
Travel: 150mm
Wheels: Kris Holm Unicycle Trials rims on Chris King hubs.  Wrong-side laced for extra lateral stiffness
Fork: White Brothers Groove 180 with reduced travel
Shock: Fox float RL