“I wanted to start something new, fresh and unexpected.”

Josh Bryceland was recently spotted riding a new Cannondale Habit on Instagram, today Cannondale have made his signing official.

Exactly what Ratboy is being signed up to do isn’t clear. Bryceland famously gave up downhill racing back in 2017. Since then his role at previous sponsor Santa Cruz Bikes was featuring in bike launch edits. He also competed in a few enduro events here and there but it was clear he wasn’t being paid to get result per se. Other than all of that, it was the 50to01 collective that Bryceland concentrated on.

People really like Josh Bryceland. Having him on your roster brings your brand a cool and fun vibe that helps sales.

Presumably with this in mind, Bryceland has now joined Cannondale.

The signing is interesting as it’s the first time a big bike brand has signed someone up with social media followers in mind rather than race results. It’s a sponsorship model that is common in BMX and skateboarding but hasn’t really been seen overtly in mountain biking until now.

Professional social media jibber, it’s all very 2019.

He has also brought three other youth riders with him. Details below.

Cannondale press release


Introducing Cannondale Sessions

Josh Bryceland (@ratboy_bryce) leads a newly formed crew of emerging mountain bike riders, including Sam (aka Dave) Hockenhull (@samhockenhull), Max Nerurkar (@3_dumb) and youngster Sam Cofano (@samcofano).

“I wanted to start something new, fresh and unexpected.” said Bryceland. “This is a way to build something and give back to the next generation of riders.”

All four riders chose the Habit alloy models for a recent trip to Spain. Check back in a week for an extended edit.

This is just a taste of what this upcoming year will look like.

Welcome to Cannondale.


L-R: Sam Cofano, Sam Hockenhull, Max Nerurkar, Josh Bryceland

Josh Bryceland

Age: 28
Hometown: Poynton
Favourite Trail/Area: Nab Quarry
Tell us how you ride: Lazy lanky piece

Sam Hockenhull

Age: 21
Hometown: Buxton
Favourite Trail/Area: Solomon’s Temple
Tell us how you ride: Aggressive sideways lander

Max Nerurkar

Age: 25
Hometown: Sheffield
Favourite Trail/Area: Crescendo
Tell us how you ride: Go easy now

Sam Cofano

Age: 17
Hometown: Poynton
Favourite Trail/Area: Llangollen
Tell us how you ride: Loves back wheel