Prefer Cadbury's Fingers meself

It’s party time for Joe Barnes switchback collective. Party ring time to be precise. In between the biccies they manage some mighty fine riding.

>>> Joe Barnes shows you how to master impossible corners

Best bit?

THAT bit of switchback mastery at 5min 15secs.

Or maybe Joe’s impressive red turtle neck jumper. It’s quite a look.

First up, this video doesn’t contain any more clues as to the new bike that Canyon are rumoured to be bringing out any day now. As you can tell from the sunshine and short sleeves, this video was most likely shot a few weeks ago at least.

But you should still watch it because, well.. it’s a Dudes of Hazzard video innit. You can be sure of some excellent riding, some laughs, a refreshing lack of macho posturing and some lovely inspiring Scottish scenery that will have you planning your own Scottish road trip way before the video has ended.

Shot by Joe Barnes, Liam Moynihan, Ferg Lamb and Brodie Hood. Featuring a typically varied soundtrack of Boney M, The Dead South, Hot Chocolate, The Stranglers and The White Stripes.

Video description

Joe Barnes: “The Fellowship of the Party Rings was formed as a brotherhood among members of Fort William’s “Dudes of Hazzard” collective. It’s purpose was to take The Landship III vessel into the heart of Harris in search of magnificent precipices and slithering brown serpents. With the rest of the World unaware of their perils, the collective, fuelled by Party Rings, deal with all they encounter and return triumphant. Three companions – so be it. You shall be the ‘Fellowship of the Party Rings’.”