Spy shot screengrabs a go go!

Canyon have just put out a very short but very exciting video clip on their website which teases a new mountain bike model. Is it the new Canyon Strive?

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In it, Joe Barnes and some other Dudes Of Hazzard are seen riding some typically big Scottish landscape trails on what appears to be a new Canyon model.

Is this the new Canyon Strive?

To save you the bother and bandwidth we’ve grabbed some cheeky stills from the vid with a view to pontificating about what the bikes is going to be.

We won’t know the answer until December 11th unfortunately. So let’s have good old gossip in the meantime.

canyon strive

We’d be surprised if Canyon come out with a new suspension platform and this shot looks very much like a classic Canyon back end

canyon strive

Mud friendly then

canyon strive

Get that foot out of the way!

You can probably bet your house on the new model being fully Boost and coming with a Metric shock attached to the bike via a trunnion mount.

So, enduro?

The mere fact that the promo vid – even in its truncated Insta-friendly form – features longing close-ups of Joe Barnes means that the new bike is not going to be a downhill bike, nor a cross-country bike. It’s almost certainly going to be a new enduro bike.

Now then. Enduro is arguably going down to avenues at the moment. Enduro race bikes are being bumped up to beyond 160mm travel, with a lot coming with 170mm back ends and 180mm forks. Enduro trail bikes (for want of a better name) are holding out in the 140-160mm bracket.

Hey, maybe Canyon are going to split the difference and do a model that covers all this market?

Maybe they’re going to replace the 140mm Spectral AND the 160mm Strive and come out with a totally new (160mm) bike? Both models are a few years old now and lagging a bit behind competitors in the long/low/slack geometry stakes.

Maybe they’ll go down the Scott Genius route and further morph their Shapeshifter system into something that actually makes a significant difference to how the bike rides/stance?

Maybe one that can be run with either 29 or 27.5 wheels?

Okay, maybe that last ‘maybe’ was a step too far.