JC shows you how to race enduro

Look up, dial in your brakes and take a whizz, says EWS legend Jerome Clementz. Here’s the big JC’s tips on how to ride and race enduro.

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1. Cornering

Just keep looking up. Look further down the track and as you do this your head and shoulders will turn almost without thinking, putting you in the right position for the next corner.

2. Descending

One word; commitment. Don’t face the descent with fear, just visualise making it through without an issue.

3. Climbing

It’s psychology. As I love the downhills so much I tell myself that the climbs are just my way of accessing the fun sections. That way they don’t feel so bad. Well, at least that’s the way I normally start a climb!

4. The one thing to do before a race

I go for a pee before the start of any race so I can concentrate better!

5. Bike setup before a ride?

It has to be my brake levers. I always make sure they are in exactly the position I prefer. Even if they feel like they are in the position already I still have a little play around with them before I’m happy. I prefer to set my levers quite high, not quite horizontal, but not far off it.

*podiums not guaranteed