Better by bike? Your call

The first bank holiday of the year is fast approaching, and tradition dictates that we must all get in our cars and seek out various traffic jams across the country as we attempt to have a long weekend away. If you’re not doing this you’re either planning to repaint the second bedroom, mow the lawn or possibly, just possibly, you’re going to ride your mountain bike.

This weekend I fall into the former camp, the one that requires me to pack up a few hastily gathered together belongings into a bag and drive somewhere. This isn’t just any old somewhere though: I’m heading to the Peak District. Which is great, except that it’s a walking holiday with girlfriend and friends and I’m under strict instructions from those non-mtb friends that mountain bikes in any shape or form will not be tolerated over the weekend. But to drive 300 miles to one of the best riding locations the UK boasts and not take my bike sickens me — the sheer bloody wasted opportunity.

Which brings us to my moral dilemma — do I smuggle the bike oop north and turn my legs in a pleasing gyratory manner, or leave it at home and trudge around on my own feet? Please post your responses below.