Excellently entertaining sixty seconds of PMBA enduro racers stacking it in various ways. Mostly on roots to be fair. Contains a bit of swearing.

The crew at White No Sugar have just popped out a dinky little edit called ‘Throwback Crashes from Hope/PMBA 2015/16’ and it’s a smashing way to spend a minute of your time waiting for your working day to end.

We should probably stick the word ‘RAW’ in here somewhere because that’s what this video is. We don’t think Red Bull have copyrighted the word just yet. Anyway, in other words, there’s no music laid over the top of this video footage. It’s just the beautiful natural soundtrack of tyres washing, riders hitting the dirt and a couple of swear words here and there. Lovely.

Whilst the video doesn’t quite contain all of the 12 classic mountain bike crashes we’ve all had, there are a decent amount of them represented.

If this video hasn’t put you off, you can enter a PMBA event as of now. Check out: 2018 PMBA enduro series dates and details.

Video description

Whitenosugar: “Some shape throwing from 2015/2016 PMBA Enduro Series​ races at Gisburn Forest Bike Trails,​ Grizedale mtb​ and GNAR Bike Park Cumbria UK​ -the best thing, is the guy in the first clip, I must see him ripping at every round and he gets better and better.”