Hope for the family

In 2009, after a break in at his home, Mike Rust disappeared and has not been heard form since. However, the discovery of human remains found in his home county in Colorado could give his family the closure they have wanted for the past six years.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has assisted in the recovery of a body between Highways 17 and 285 in Saguache County where Rust lived until his disappearance.  It is believed that they have found Rust’s body due to the discovery of a sprocket belt buckle nearby and the CBI is now putting its investigative efforts into identifying the remains.

The Denver Post reports that Rust’s brother, Karl said: “We believe the remains of our brother have been found. The belt buckle was very unique. I’ve never seen another one like it. It was a special belt buckle. He wore it every day.”

Mike Rust was one of the early pioneers of Colorado mountain biking and was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 1991. On March 31 2009 he returned home to find tyre tracks in his driveway, his gun missing and his binoculars moved. He called his girlfriend and told her he was going after the intruders.

Four days later a vest and the butt of a gun were found near Rust’s house, both had his blood on them. Nobody has heard from Rust since.

The Rider and the Wolf was a film was made about Rust’s life and disappearance and you can see the trailer here:

While Rust’s family have accepted he is probably dead they have offered a $25,000 reward for any information on his disappearance. We’ll keep you updated if this new lead gives them the closure they are seeking.