The Syndicate boys have won their third race of the season

Josh Bryceland re-kindled his 2014 form and took his first win of the year at the legendary Canadian track.

It is also his first win since the horrific ankle injury he sustained at the World Championships last year after over-shooting the finish line bridge.

This episode of The Syndicate takes us behind the scenes of his victory and the inevitable celebrations afterwards.

It seemed like he gelled with the Mont-Sainte-Anne track immediately and you can see his clear excitement from the very first day of practice. He follows this with a conservative qualifying run that still sees him cross the line in second place.

Syndiucate mont sainte anne featured

After his race run he seems a little disappointed, he said: “That wasn’t a World Cup winning run, but it was alright”. Just minutes later however, Troy Brosnan came under the arch 0.2 seconds back and Bryceland had taken yet another win.

Josh clearly didn’t spend his off-season learning the words to the national anthem, but what he lacks in knowledge he makes up for in effort as he belts our patriotic hymn.

The Syndicate is a web series with a new episode released after each World Cup,why not catch up with the Lenzerheide and Leogang? The Windham World Cup is next weekend so expect a new episode to come your way soon.