Warm hands and hot gossip

Hot stuff: what we’re excited about this month. What moved with the world of mountain biking in the beginning of 2019? It’s all in the video.

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Warm hands

100% Brisker gloves, £26,99

The Brisker Glove from 100% is hands-down (or should that be, hands inside) the best winter glove we’ve used because it carries its bulk in the right places. For years winter gloves were insulated and padded front and back, meaning you kept warm but lost that vital connection with the bar you’ll only get from a thin-palmed glove. The alternative was to use a lightweight glove, restore feel, only to loose it again through numb digits.

Then along comes the Brisker, with its excellent single layer Clarion palm that feels as good as any summer glove, paired with an insulated soft-shell back hand and neoprene cuffs to keep you warm. The Brisker doesn’t make the mistake of trying to keep you dry (gloves that do tend to be sweaty and lifeless), instead they stay warm even when wet, a bit like wearing a wetsuit on your hands.

With seven colours, six sizes and another long-cuff version called Hydromatic for even grimmer weather, the Briskers will keep you riding throughout the winter.


Ultimate crunchy nutter

Pip and Nut Crunchy Peanut Butter, £6.75 1kg

Pip and Nut Crunchy Peanut Butter is made from sweeter Argentinean hi-oleic peanuts, meaning there’s no need to add sugar. All-natural, no additives and crucially no palm oil. They also do a smooth version for non-crunchers.


Pack to the future

Evoc Neo, £229.99

To celebrate its 10th birthday Evoc has released this new Neo pack, a 16litre design featuring the new AirShield back protector with sticky rubber panels to keep it firmly in place.


Extreme Elimination

Specialized Eliminator tyre, £53.00

Designed for e-bikes, the Eliminator is a new tyre from Specialized, with big DH-capable spikes on the edges and a flatter rolling profile in the middle. This one features the Black Diamond casing for extra protection.


Spoiler alert

Selle San Marco GND Racing GEL saddle, £134.99

Selle San Marco’s new GND Racing GEL is bigger than most with extra support in the oversized nose and gel inserts for comfort. The spoiler back end points it squarely towards e-bike use, where you’re sat down more often.


Fox sports jacket

Fox Attack jacket, £170.00

With Fox’s TruSeal guarding seams against wet, a three-layer waterproof breathable fabric, and eco-friendly DWR coating the Fox Attack Water Jacket is designed for serious winter weather. Four sizes, two colours, softshell feel.


Hex, y and z

Silca Ypsilon, £36.00

Buy good quality tools that don’t round out and they’ll last decades. Like the Silca Ypsilon, it has 4, 5 and 6mm hex tools but the six is detachable, held on magnetically so you can swap it out for other keys.


Cool for cats

Glower Nine Lives jersey, £28.00

Made from organic cotton Glower’s new 9 Lives jersey is fashionable and fair to the planet. It’s printed in the UK and the ink is Phthalate-free (a plasticiser that’s potentially bad for the earth and health).



Pedaling Innovations Catalyst pedals, £79.99

The Pedaling Innovations Catalyst is the biggest platform out there, designed to support more of your foot. It now features longer 8mm pins to boost grip and support, and still features cromo spindles and sealed bushings and bearings.


Riser bar

Praep Propilot Gym Edition, €99.00

Build core strength and balance with the Praep Propilot Gym Edition — muscle out some pushups and the Propilot counts your reps and its gyroscope measures your stability. There’s an app with training features to accompany it.