Easy – with a mountain bike!

Mountain biking is guaranteed to get kids out and about. But which is the right bike? And how do kids learn to ride over rough terrain?

>>> Best kids mountain bikes and how to get your kids riding

Watch as Scott Sports latest episode of ‘Heroes Inspire Heroes’ explains…

Scott Sports: “Getting your kids trail-ready is much simpler than you’d expect. Check out our step-by-step instructions for what your little ripper needs and which skills and training will elevate his or her riding in no time.

“Episode 2 of Heroes Inspire Heroes dives into the key basics of Equipment & Skills. The most important thing for a young mountain biker is quite simply the bike itself. But there are countless different bikes out there. Which should you buy? The best thing is to pack up your youngster and go to a specialist bike store for advice. The professionals there will know immediately what size your little one needs!

“With the right equipment and gear, you’re ready to start off on the right pedal stroke. Now it’s time to turn to basic skills! Becoming a life longer mountain bikers starts with building a strong foundation of skills. Begin with basic skills in the parking lot before the ride, on the pumptrack and of course, out on the trail.”