Their Freeride line has grown considerably.

The third in our daily series of Bank Holiday suggestions: the revamped Freeride line and the Red and Black downhill runs at Yorkshire’s Havok Bike Park.

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If this place looks  or sounds familiar then maybe you remember from a few years ago when it was known as Cockhill Bike Park. The park first opened back in 2103 but it closed for awhile in 2015 and then re-opened in 2016 with a new name – Havok Bike Park.

havok bike park

Pic: Havok Bike Park / Facebook

Havok’s own description is good ‘un: “The only local official mountain bike area with a wide range of trails in that pine forest setting that give you the feeling you could be in Whistler.”

Havok Bike Park is a pay-to-play push-up arrangement (see details below). It’s very much focussed on gravity-assisted riding. There’s no motorised uplift service. You get yourself back up to the trailhead at the top of the forest. You could ride up on the fireroad but it’s so steep that you’ll be just as quick on foot!

havok bike park

Pic: Havok Bike Park / Facebook

As well as the new Freeride lines that are getting all the attention there are still plenty of other options for those who aren’t so keen on the North Shore and massive huck drops. The Red and Black downhill runs are perfectly doable on an enduro bike. You don’t need a triple-clamp DH bike to ride at Havok Bike Park.

Havok Bike Park tracks

The Dark Red

“The most used line in the park. Great for all levels of rider with any gaps being avoidable. A fast flow track with big berms and a real bike park feel with a few technical sections thrown in the mix.”

The Beast

“Though starting at the same point as the Dark Red, you take a left at the fork and things get very different. A very natural and technical track with no big bike park features, just roots, rocks and off camber sections await you.”

Freeride Big Line

“Not for the faint hearted. This line is kept locked off until we have seen the riders wanting to go on it in action. Starting of with a big drop and things only get bigger from there. Home of the infamous Havok Gap.”

Freeride Main Line

“Fast, flowy and hit after hit the whole way down, including some big doubles and two wall rides. lots of fun but still for the advanced rider.”

Freeride Small Line

“The smaller freeride line for riders who are confident with jumping smaller gaps. Fast and flowy and still lots of fun for advanced riders.”

The Dirt Jumps

“The dirt jumps as Havok start small and get big once you drop off the boner log. Can be ridden on BMXs to Downhill bikes almost all year round.”

havok bike park

Pic: Havok Bike Park / Facebook

The details

£10 per day (or £8 per day if under 21)

Group discounts available (contact them via the Havok Bike Park Facebook page)

All riders need to sign a Participation Statement before riding.

havok bike park

Pic: Havok Bike Park / Facebook


Cornholme, near Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

Havok Bike Park
Carr Road
West Yorkshire
OL14 7ES

The best postcode is OL14 7ER (Carr Road which is off the A646 in Cornholme).