Have a good one

It might surprise you, but his is one of our favourite times of the year to work. Yes, we might be sloshing through the middle of one of the wettest winters for ages, but it’s also the time of year when we reveal various winners of the Year awards.

Such as our Trail of the Year awards. They were created with the aim of rewarding and recognising the hard work and dedication of those individuals and groups working tirelessly to create new trail and maintain existing trail. This year you’ve voted for two truly worthy winners, in very different surroundings and offering very different experiences, although both share a common objective. Find out who they are in the new issue on sale right now.

These awards also have another goal; inspiring more of us to park our bikes and lend a hand, however occasionally. So if you haven’t done so before, I urge you to get involved with a local group, even if it’s just for a day a year. At this time of year, when it’s so miserable outside, going trail building can often be more fun than actually riding. And it’s as rewarding as it is exhausting. Clearing drainage channels, trimming foliage, fixing bottlenecks – it’s surprising how much you can improve a trail with simple upkeep, particularly when there’s a good crew of volunteers. You don’t need to add jumps or imposing berms; subtle changes can have a profound impact on everyone’s enjoyment of a trail, whatever their skill level. So make going along to a trail day your new year’s resolution.

Happy Christmas and wishing you well for the New Year!