Cult Colorado brand Guerilla Gravity have announced a limited edition return of the Pedalhead, a steel framed bike described as "adventurous hardtail"

As with everything the brand do, the Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead is entirely done in-house. From the initial design all the way through to the welding up of the tubing, it’s all done at GG HQ in Colorado.

Let’s talk about that tubing. Yes, it’s square. Some of it anyway. This will no doubt get plenty of mountain bikers of a certain age piping up about Pace frames from the early nineties, which was one of the best hardtail mountain bikes of its era.

Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead MTB

Hip to be square

Why do GG use square tubing? Well, Guerilla Gravity explain it as the usual lateral stiffness and vertical compliance-ness blah-blah but we suspect a lot of the reasoning behind the square tubing is because it looks cool and different. And that’s just fine by us.

Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead geometry

Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead geometry

The Pedalhead has some pretty modern geometry. A relatively lengthy reach designed for use with short stems and suitably wide handlebars. The head angle is 65°. The bottom bracket height is 325mm. The chainstays are 435mm long (or anywhere between 428 and 437mm if you opt to run the Pedalhead with its singlespeed/hub-gear dropouts).

Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead dropouts

Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead dropouts: singlespeed/hub-gear above, geared below

Guerilla Gravity: “Inspired by the modularity on our full suspension bikes, new swappable dropouts allow riders to switch between a geared and single-speed setup. Designed and engineered in house, this proprietary system allows you to seamlessly convert your geared bike into a single-speed rig.

“The single-speed setup integrates a sliding system to provide chain tension. The mounts conveniently use a standard 12×148 boost rear wheel that holds the wheel in position when the axle is removed. When you take the wheel out to fix a flat or change the tire, you don’t have to reset the chain tension. This means less time fiddling with your bike, and more time riding it.

“The geared setup uses the SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) for compatibility. Switching from geared to single-speed only requires the second set of dropouts and a single-speed cog kit. The rear wheel and freehub remain the same for compatibility convenience.”

Guerilla Gravity Pedalhead build kits

Ride (Pike Select, NX Drivetrain): $3495
Rally (Pike Select+, GX Drivetrain): $4095
Race (Pike Ultimate, X01 Drivetrain): $4795

Like all Guerilla Gravity builds, customisation options are available too.