Aaron Chase on the case

A spicy new little vide courtesy of Aaron Chase showing him putting together his own Urban DH run.

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Now then. Normally anything with “urban DH” or “downtown” in the title means that it’s something to do with an official sanctioned race down some closed-off alleyways and roads.

This er, doesn’t appear to be the case here. The scenery and obstacles certainly look like those you’d see from footage of an event such as the Valparaiso Urban DH race. But there’s something missing. Namely, a cordoned-off course! There’s also quite a few things added. Namely, cows, dogs and live traffic!

The effect is something akin to Grand Theft Auto (on bikes) meets Lisboa Downtown. Except that the location is not actually Lisbon. It’s Cusco in Peru.

The video starts off innocently enough with a bit of semi-rural scrubland downhilling but then the riders whizz past a spooked cow and then head into the city limits past a pack of barking dogs.

It all looks a bit improvised and exploratory but then at about a third of the way through the 1m 37s vid you start to see some purposely built stunts, jumps and obstacles. It’s actually pretty brave of Chase and co to actually assume the jumps and landing ramps are still there and haven’t been removed or tampered with!

It’s sort of like an urban DH version of those bike messenger alleycat races that pop up on YouTube/Facebook from time to time.

As with may things on The Internet, it’s hard to know just how much of this was as risky or dodgy as it looks. It’s certainly bold for the vid to come out at all whatever the case.