Get your Hero into a story

In a relatively quiet launch earlier this month, GoPro announced proper Instagram integration into the GoPro phone app. GoPro Insta-stories ahoy!

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How to put GoPro video in Instagram stories

  1. Select a GoPro video in your phone’s gallery
  2. Tap Share
  3. Tap stories
  4. Crop
  5. Trim
  6. Tap Share (yep, again)
  7. Now you’re in Instagram stories

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Here at mbr we like our Instagram stories and we like our GoPros. The main problem has been getting GoPro horizontal footage not fitting in with Instagram stories’ vertical format.

Up until now if you’ve wanted to bung GoPro footage into your Instagram story, you’ve had to resize it in an external bit of software and resave/upload it. All very probably on a desktop computer rather than on your handy smartphone.

Not ideal. Not very 2018, dude.

Well, our prayers have been answered. Now you can open up any synced GoPro video that’s on your phone and zap it into an Instagram story, complete with easy pinch-zooming and cropping at preview. Not only that but you can even move the zoom or alter the crop at different points in the video.

And yes, you can put on the same set of garish fonts and wacky icons as you can with nay Insta story. Phew!

All of this means that you’ll no doubt be seeing more GoPro footage in your Instagram story feed from now on. This is good news for the troubled GoPro brand and a move that should see more people reaching for thier GoPro instead of their phone when it comes to Insta recording their lives.