Seth's at it again

Everyone’s favourite mountain biking YouTuber called Seth has outdone himself this time with this genius/daft idea to spy on airport baggage handlers.

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We’ll not go into spoilers here but suffice to say, one of the best things is when Seth realises that his gaffa-taped GoPro may just look a little bit like an explosive device and he spends the rest of his two-flight trip fretting!

Video description

Seth’s Bike Hacks: “I often travel with my bike, and always wonder what it goes through during transit. After hiding a GoPro in my bike bag I found out that it’s actually treated with relative care, and placed upright in the cargo area. I can’t use this to evaluate all airlines, all airports, and all baggage throwers, but I can say that American Airlines, Asheville airport, and Charlotte airport were surprisingly professional behind closed doors.

“As dramatic as we made this video, I fully expected the TSA to inspect the bag in Asheville before ever bringing it on the plane (and they did). I just didn’t consider how sketchy it might look to them! In the video you can see them open and close it—they could have cared less.

“For anyone mentioning lithium batteries in checked bags, they’re actually okay as long as they are installed in a device. Only uninstalled lithium batteries are restricted!”