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Riding abroad for a mountain bike holiday? Here’s our top gear for dusty, overseas singletrack and other types of travels with your mountain bike.

Mountain bike holiday must-haves

mountain bike holiday

1. Evoc Travel Bag Pro

Keep your bike safe and in one bike-shaped piece by investing in a Travel Bag Pro. It’s expensive but the best bike bag on the market for its blend of protection, light weight and ease of use. The Pro version weighs 8kg, uses separate wheel compartments and even has a clip-on third wheel so you can push the whole thing like a trolley. If £469 is too much then a cardboard box from your local bike shop actually does a really good protection job too, and it weighs much less too.

£469, silverfish-uk.com

mountain bike holiday

2. Seasucker Talon

Multiple bikes and lots of luggage can mean a tight fit in a hire car, so how about putting one on the roof? The Seasucker Talon is a portable bike rack, it fits into a shoebox but safely attaches to the outside of any car. Then you can just pack down the Evoc Travel Bag Pro and stash it in the boot.

£249.99, zyrofisher.co.uk

mountain bike holiday

3. Evoc Transition Bag

The Transition has really useful compartments — one for your shoes, one for your helmet and a main section that can be split into two for wet or dry gear. There’s also a pullout, foldaway changing mat.

£109.95, silverfish-uk.com

mountain bike holiday

4. Hope Slick Chain Device

The latest chainring designs from the likes of Shimano and SRAM have all but eliminated the dreaded chain drop, but rough Alpine descents push them to the limit. Get the added security of a chain device — they needn’t be big or even cause drag, this Hope device doesn’t even touch the chain, unless it bounces off the teeth.

£50, hopetech.com

mountain bike holiday

5a Giant Fluxx MTB shoes

Rocky, alpine terrain is tough on feet, so keep yours well protected and firmly anchored with Giant’s new shoe, the Fluxx. Some of us here at mbr prefer to ride in SPDs on rough terrain, ditching the fashionable flat pedals, because it stops us bouncing off the pedals on really rough descents. The Fluxx shoe has loads of protection around the heel and toe to fend off rocks and Giant boasts it’s a comfortable enough shoe for all-day riding.

£69.99, giant-bicycles.com

5b Five Ten Impact VXi

If you simply don’t do clipless pedals… keep your feet well protected and firmly anchored with Five Ten Impact VXi shoes. They’ve got the best grip on the market so you’re less likely to be bounced off the pedals on really rocky stuff.

£114.99, fiveten.com

mountain bike holiday

6. Lazer Phoenix+ helmet

The latest crop of helmets with detachable chin pieces (like Lazer’s Revolution) are the perfect choice if you’re racing enduros with huge climbs and rocky descents. But if you’re just riding for fun, can cruise up the hills or you’re getting an uplift, full face lids are still give the best protection. The new Phoenix+ here has loads of top end gear — sub 1,000g weight, D-ring chinstrap, 16 cooling vents — but with a low end pricetag.

£79.99, madison.co.uk

mountain bike holiday

7. Camelbak KUDU

The KUDU is the hardiest hydration pack Camelbak makes, designed to protect your spine if you take a tumble with a foam back protector. It’s functional too, with a three-litre reservoir and the superlative Camelbak bite valve, and storage for a that full face helmet and your knee pads.

£149.99, zyrofisher.co.uk

mountain bike holiday

8 & 9. Sombrio shorts and jersey

Because you’ve got to look great on your bike.

Jersey £39.99, shorts £79.99, cyclingsportsgroup.co.uk

mountain bike holiday

10. Thor Sniper Barred goggles

Ideal for riding at speed, goggles keep wind, mud and insects out of your eyes. The Snipers have good ventilation, come with a removable nose guard and also supply a second lens.

£49.99, madison.co.uk

mountain bike holiday

11. Race Face Flank pads

£69.95, silverfish-uk.com

Knee pads a great for regular UK riding, but when the speeds pick up you need to look after your shins from rock strikes and pedal slips too.

>>> The best mountain bike knee pads: a buyer’s guide 

The Flank stretches far enough down the shin to offer decent protection, which comes from two D3O pads on the patella and just below the knee. They’re comfy and easy to put on too, thanks to an open back that makes shoe removal unnecessary.