The crash that landed Gee Atherton in hospital for two weeks, is painful to watch.

Few riders have managed to be equal parts skilled and fearless, in the vein of Gee Atherton.

As part of the Atherton mountain biking dynasty, Gee has a career of result highlights that will forever guarantee him status as one of the most accomplished downhill mountain bikers ever.

Beyond the timing charts and podiums, he has also shown a willingness to embrace risk, and further the project of extreme mountain biking.

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A racer – unafraid

Most downhill pros avoid Red Bull Rampage, for risk of career-derailing injury.

Atherton has attended Rampage And brought the ethos of mountain biking’s most extreme event, across the Atlantic, with his Hardline event.

Then there are the edits. Some of the most daring raw gravity rides yet ridden, have been explored and conquered by Gee. And not without sacrifice.

Showing the truth – behind extreme riding

Crashing is a reality for all riders. However, the scale of consequences triggered by Gee’s riding is unimaginable by most. Until now.

The crash he suffered during filming for ‘The Knife’s Edge’ is dramatic. And Gee has now released unedited footage of it.

Extreme mountain biking is dangerous. And at the top echelons of the sport, athletes are pushing themselves into a realm of potentially life-altering consequences.

Gee wished to show that a lot of trepidation and anxiety is part of the experience, in producing extreme mountain biking edit, enjoyed by many riders on their devices.