Garmin Connect has been offline since yesterday

Garmin Connect app has been offline since yesterday (Thursday July 23) and there are various tech news sites reporting that the reason is a ransomware hacking attack.

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GPS company Garmin has an app called Garmin Connect that operates as a link between their GPS hardware units and online software and services such as Strava.

Ransomware is a term used for a hacking attack that disables a company’s operation and the hackers demand money to turn the services back on. Garmin have not come out to officially deny or confirm these rumours.

A pop-up on Garmin websites and app currently reads: “We are currently experiencing an outage that affects This outage also affects our call centres, and we are currently unabler to receive any calls, emails, or online chats.”

Currently this means that owners of Garmin Edge devices and Garmin watches cannot upload their recorded activities online.

If you are a frsutrated Garmin owner the good news is that you can still manually upload your activities (to Strava etc). The usual method is to connect your GPS device via USB to a computer and browse the device, find the folder ‘Activities’ and then find the file you require and download it to your computer. From there, go to Strava (or wherever you wish to upload your activity) and follow their ‘Add activity’ function.