But so far it’s just available on the Josh Bryceland Edition Selva fork


Formula has just released a Josh Bryceland Edition Selva fork, custom tuned for the most jibbing-est man in the world and with a limited 100-piece run. Great for the lucky few, but what about the rest of us? Well the real news, lost in the noise, is that Formula has quietly introduced a new low-compression air spring that it hopes will rival the cushty feel of the latest RockShox 3.1 damper.

This new spring only comes on the Selva Rat edition, but it’ll fit into the lowers of existing forks, adding a larger positive air chamber that will result in a less progressive spring curve. In simple terms it should leave the Selva feeling softer in its initial travel, and easier to use all of its 170mm without any harsh ramp up… much like RockShox’ new “hyperactive” 3.1 damper

This limited edition run of the Selva fork boasts a new spring and an extra compression tuning option

The Josh Bryceland Edition Selva need to know

  • Fork is 170mm travel, 35mm stanchions and for 29in wheels 
  • Limited run of 100 forks 
  • New low-progression air spring with larger air chamber
  • Custom Compression Tuning System valve
  • Low-progression air spring rumoured to be in production for next year’s Selvas

I asked Formula if the new low-progression air spring would work in any old Selva fork, and the answer is yes. The problem is the brand isn’t making them for anything other than this special edition Selva. There are rumblings of a new Selva coming in 2025 or 2026 that might well have the new air-spring, and we’re hoping it’ll also be made available as an aftermarket upgrade for existing customers.

You can adjust the compression on Selva forks by swapping out shim stacks, even during a ride

Selva’s custom tuning

All Selva forks come with a high and low speed dial to adjust the compression damping as you ride, just like all the best mountain bike forks you can think of. Then it gets a little different, Formula has eight interchangeable valves that you screw into the top of the fork to adjust the suspension’s compression damping characteristics. Called the Compression Tuning System (CTS), each valve has a different arrangement of shims inside, making the process more akin to having your fork tuned for you in the workshop.

CTS valves offer different ride feels according to their tune, and associated colour

The clever idea here is it’s much quicker to swap between the different options – minutes rather than days, after sending your fork off to be tuned.

Josh Bryceland’s special edition fork also comes with an additional tune that’s more radical than the usual Formula setup, it’s said to be supple for comfort and traction at the start of the stroke, much like a coil fork, before ramping up the high speed compression much more firmly than the usual Formula tune. Necessary if you regularly send 90ft gaps, a la Red Bull Hardline.

Red, blue and silver CTS valves have less compression early on, while the rest ramp up faster for more support

Fox or RockShox feel?

What the CTS valves really mean is you can make the fork feel just how you want it to, Formula says. It reckons there are two distinct ways of going about a fork’s suspension characteristics, the first is a spring-biased setup, one that uses light compression damping and a stiffer spring. And a hydraulic-biased setup, one that uses more compression damping and a lighter spring. 

Neopos spacers are used to adjust the mid-stroke support of the Selva fork

Volume reducing tokens 

No modern fork is complete without a decent volume reducing token, the purpose of which traditionally is to add bottom out support and stop you crashing through the travel. Formula’s tokens are called Neopos, and they’re slightly different because unlike nylon tokens from Fox or RockShox they compress under pressure. This means they won’t ramp up as harshly towards the bottom of the fork and they’re said to help with mid-stroke support because of that.

Fettling… apparently Josh loved being able to drop 5psi from his fork and still get enough support to ride hard

Josh’s custom Sleva Settings

Josh is 78kg and his initial fork settings were 75 psi, a green CTS valve and three Neopos to give a firm feel, normal for someone who rides as hard and fast as he does.

Poetry in motion

After testing he settled on 70 psi, his custom CTS valve and one Neopos in the low-progression air assembly. Dialed, as the man says.