A Fitbit for your eyes

Launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo the EyeCo is the first customisable clip-in heads-up display for goggles or helmet visors.

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EyeCo need to know

  • Compatible with most goggles and helmets.
  • Fully customisable: use app to program colour-coded alerts (directions, obstacles, split- time and more)
  • It doesn’t blind you: the LED shines in your peripheral vision and adapts its brightness to ambient conditions.
  • It doesn’t force you to refocus: it’s just a coloured blinking light
  • Magnetic attachment


EyeCo press release

Today, California based company Victorise launched an Indiegogo campaign for EyeCo, an innovative wearable that can be clipped in most goggles and helmets. Super early bird pricing for the crowdfunding campaign starts at $129 (retail value $250).

The EyeCo campaign runs from June 28, 2018 to July 28, 2018 and you can backup the project at this address: https://igg.me/at/eyeco


Do you think videogames can help racing athletes?

A videogame developer thinks they should. After years of developing AAA console video games, Jerome Lacote, Victorise founder, decided to bring his expertise designing HUD for car racing games (Midnight Club / Rockstar games) or Transformers battleground (Activision) to real life. Heads up display is uber important for guiding players in their progression and rewarding their performance but many real-life activities don’t have this luxury.

Lacote, an avid DH racer, designed a simple device that delivers real time feedback. The feedback is a simple colored smart pixel that blinks in the user’s peripheral vision.


Why colors? Because they are easier to process when the athlete is 100% focused on riding a challenging track.

Some other systems have been using text or images; they force eyes to refocus on a different plane and this takes some significant “brain power”. It means these systems are distracting and can even be dangerous.

EyeCo and its companion app are packed with features such as navigation, timing, crash detection and more.

A popular use case amongst beta testers is the split time feature. Riders can set a waypoint on a specific track and EyeCo will display a red or a green light if they are slower or faster than their reference time!

The app also allows users to program their own alerts, they can choose to watch any metric like elevation, time, speed and GPS position. It opens many creative uses of EyeCo! The device has already been used for racing but it’s the first time everyone can put their hands on it.