Evil has embraced the FushionFiber technology with the new Evil Loophole wheelset, creating rims that are stronger and kinder to the environment.

These new Evil Loophole wheels are claimed to ride comfier, despite being stronger. Want brand-matching hoops for your Evil frame? The American mountain bike brand is now offering Evil wheelset option.

Like much of what Evil does, these new wheels aren’t conventional. They feature a FushionFiber technology lay-up, which uses a polymer binding instead of traditional epoxy resin, to set the rim structure all in the name of making the very best mountain bike wheels they can.

Evil Loophole wheels

Tough but forgiving

Tough but forgiving

The advanced construction technique is courtesy of CSS Composites and promises a list of benefits.

With an absence of epoxy resin, the Loophole wheels are claimes to be 20% more robust. That should make them more survivable if you happen to choose an overly adventurous line, and roll over some unanticipated square-edged hits at speed.

Beyond the sheer strength, there is also a ride quality improvement. When carbon-fibre rims are made with too much resin, the epoxy can dull ride quality – undoing the original design intent of a meticulous carbon-fibre design.

Evil Loophole rim

29mm internal width is 1mm shy of the common trend

With FushionFiber wheels there is no risk of residual resin in the lay-up, to depreciate the terrain absorption qualities. Evil says that a Loophole wheelset should be 50% better at vibration damping, than an epoxy cured carbon-fibre rim.

Not 30mm ID – but who cares?

Evil is launching the Loophole wheelset in 29”, with 29mm internal diameter rim profile and 32h J-bend spoke configuration.

Targeted at committed trail and enduro riders, these Loophole wheels also feature reinforced spoke bosses that are 15% more resistant to getting pulled through the rim.

Riders can choose either Boost or Superboost rear axle spacing and the Loopholes spin Industry Nine Hydra hubs, with a selection of drivers.

Weight? Evil classify a Loophole rim at 480g and the wheelset, with an XD driver attached, comes in at 1940g.

The Loophole wheels attach a lifetime original-owner warranty and price at £2299.99.