What's Welsh for "enduro"?

Details of the dates and venues for the 2018 Welsh Gravity Enduro series have been released. The unique multiple-attempt Mash-Up format remains.

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2018 Welsh Gravity Series locations and dates

  • R1: March 4th Afan Glyncorrwyg
  • R2: March 17th Saturday (Mini Enduro/WGES format to be confirmed) Bike Park Wales
  • R3: May 20th Afan Bike Park (Bryn Bettws Lodge)
  • R4: September 9th Eastridge
  • R5: October 28 th Cwmcarn

All five rounds count for the series overall. Competing in the final round is compulsory in order to get an overall ranking.

The stages for each venue will be released in the week leading up to the event or kept secret until race day depending on venue and stages used.

Each round will have 3 stages plus an e-bike stage (where possible). Each stage will be using existing trails albeit in a slightly modified state in some circumstances. The stages will be marked the day before the race.

Entries open 09:00 on the 1st February 2018.

What is the Mash Up format?

Basically do as many runs as you like. In any order you like. Then check your times in the pits.

Welsh Gravity Enduro elaborate: “Wouldn’t it be great to have another chance to go faster, get that corner right or hit that line you missed? Punctures and mechanicals are no longer an end to the race day, Ride with your friends and just have fun… The Mash Up Format allows it all. The “Mash Up” format has been universally accepted and wholeheartedly welcomed by riders and the industry alike with more new and not so new riders taking a step and a step back into a stress-free racing environment. This creates an amazing rider atmosphere and presence in the pits that other Enduro formats do not have!”

What’s new for 2018?

Grand Veteran Womens Category for the 50+ and new Expert/Elite category for those wishing to make a half step up from their age category. Category will be split into Expert and Elite if there are enough Elite riders entered (at least three riders needed).

Also for 2018 the Welsh Gravity Enduro will also be hosting the first round of the HSBC UK National Downhill Series at Cwmcarn on the 7-8th April.