So, Plain Lazy, in a moment of genius came up with a new concept. An idea that would strike the very hearts of slackers across the country. The 5 day weekend We think it’s a jolly good concept and seeing as it’s pretty self explanatory, we won’t bore you with the details. All you need to know is that we will be showing how serious we are about our precious 5 day weekend on the Friday before next bank holiday weekend, when we will be holding a noisy but peaceful protest.

Take an extra day off for the next bank holiday weekend? Brilliant! Instead of just coming up with these little brain corkers and sitting on our proverbial laurels, we have this time and this time only decided to mastermind it too! And we need your help.

Plain Lazy Needs You. We will be meeting on Friday 22nd May at (not so) secret locations just outside Brighton and Newquay. Dressed in casual wear, so bosses don’t recognize us if they drive past, we will be biking, surfing, skating and generally doing the things that make us happy – most importantly not working.

We’ll meet at noon (sharp) and will spend the rest of the day preparing ourselves for a great weekend. Pete Tong was wrong, the weekend starts here not on the radio. We will also be filming the event and getting people to sign up to our petition for a 5 day weekend, so if you want to be plain famous or politically lazy then join us.

Locations: Brighton – Ditchling Beacon, sounds like something your pint should be served in but it’s not, it’s where we’re meeting. If you are local then you’ll know it, if you’re not then have a look here.
Cornwall – South Fistral Beach, a lovely beach on the outskirts of Newquay, it’s clearly signposted as you come into Newquay but in case you can’t read have a look here.

For more details on the 5 day weekend or anything else on Plain Lazy then go to our Facebook page or contact the Plain Lazy press marshall: : : 01273 470370