Want some training tips from the fastest family on two wheels? Check out Rachel’s, Gee’s and Dan’s favourite gym exercises.

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Rachel’s medicine ball compex

The video above has World-conquering Rachel Atherton showing you what you should be doing with that medicine ball that you’re always a bit wary of looking daft with. It looks as though Rachel could have a good career in rugby with a pass like that!

Nick Grantham’s (the coach) tip: “Tips : If you haven’t got a friend you can do this against any solid wall.”

Gee’s box jumps

Now on to brother Gee Atherton. Gee is seemingly never not training. One of the most dedicated and single-minded racers the downhill world has ever seen. Under the new tutelage of Trek Factory Racing coach Nick Grantham, Gee doesn’t show any sign of letting up.

Nick’s tip: “Get as close to the box as you can so the only way up is the vertical.”

Dan’s single arm dumbbell press

Dan Atherton: “We have a lot of shoulder problems! These help reduce one of the occupational hazards! ”

Nick’s tip: “Establish a firm base, brace your feet on the floor and concentrate on not getting ripped out of shape or pulled off the bench by the weight of your descending arm.”

Graeme Mudd’s jump squat

Okay, Graeme Mudd isn’t an Atherton. But he’s featured in this video series so we thought we’d bung him in here too.

Muddy: “This is one I’ve done forever, through all the disciplines, it’s a good way to turn strength into power and get everything moving a bit faster.”

Nck’s tip: “Keep the reps low (4-5) but try to bang your head on the ceiling.”