Less than a week to go

With qualifying just four days away, it’s all hands on deck at the Red Bull Rampage site to find and build a line ready for the competition.

We’ve collected some of the best reactions as riders look to raise the bar for freeride mountain biking once again.

Sam Reynolds

The UK’s very own Sam Reynolds seems keen to hit this step-up canyon gap. Will he be tricking it on Sunday?

Reynolds reacts rampage 2015

Yes please!!

Bernard Kerr

The creator of Stoppie Sunday is at his first ever Rampage and it looks like he’s getting stuck right in.

Bernard Kerr reacts Red Bull Rampage 2015_edited-1

Got some work done today among these faffers! Run is gonna be wild!

Derren Berrecloth

The Bearclaw has missed the past two Rampage events so has to create a whole new line. He’s the master of creativity so we’re excited for what’s in store.

Berrecloth reacts rampage 2015

The start of me and Kurt Sorge’s line at Rampage

Kelly McGarry

The man who made his name by backflipping the Canyon Gap two years ago returns with a custom YT Tues for 2015.

Kelly McGarry reaacts rampage 2015

By far the raddest bike I have ever had. Thanks to YT Industries for making this custom Mcgazza Tues CF frame for Rampage. Also thanks to everyone else who helped me get this weapon together

James Doerfling

It looks like Doerfling is going vertical off this intimidating cliff

James Doerfling reacts rampage 2015

Creating a monster here at Rampage 2015

Louis Reboul

Louis Reboul claims to only be using a rake on the top of his line, normally a sign that a rider is going au naturel.

Louis Reboul Rampage reacts 2015

First day digging at Rampage. Pretty stoked to only use a rake for the top of my line

Cam Zink

There’s no news on monster-drops from Cam Zink yet but he still seems pretty excited with the new YT Industries sender.

Zink reacts rampage 2015

Proud to see the YT Industries flag being flown here at Rampage on the new wood lip

Brett Rheeder

The only man who has challenged Brandon Semenuk this year will be looking for big things in Utah. This hip looks steep!

Brett Rheeder react rampage 2015

Day two. Updated lower line is almost complete. Crew still killing it

Tomas Zedja

The Czech Republic’s big hope for Rampage continues work on his line

zejda reacts rampage 2015

2nd day with a shovel in my hand