New canyon sender from Brendan. Gulp.

This looks like the landing for a new jump Brendan Fairclough is currently building for Red Bull Rampage, at its brand new venue.

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Seems like a nice safe landing pad!! ??? its all starting to take shape out here. #rampage

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“Seems like a nice safe landing pad!!,” Brendan says in his post. “It’s all starting to take shape out here.”

Where’s the take-off though? We reckon it could be this ‘little’ beauty, a big rocky sender hacked from the cliff face…

The takeoff image is from Olly Wilkins, who’s out at Rampage with Brendawg helping build lines.

Brendan has a history of tackling big canyon gaps at Rampage. (To be fair, everyone at the event does.)

Check out “Brendan Fairclaw” dropping into his run in 2015…

And again, testing a hip jump last year…

Meanwhile, check out what Cam Zink (yes the same Cam Zink who ranted at Red Bull last year) has been building.

He says it’s “mental” so I think we can assume it’s going to be impressive — it’s hard to see from the Insta post exactly how he’s going to get down this cliff though!

Our line is mental… "Canimal line" with @andreulacondeguy through the #oakleyprizm

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And this picture of Kurt Sorge, last year’s Rampage winner, looks similarly cryptic…

First day of Rampage in the books! Stoked to find a line and get the shovels in the dirt! #gopro ? @pw_photo

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Whatever the clues may turn out to mean, it’s all helping to get us excited for this year’s Rampage. Every year it’s the same. Every year it’s different. Viva la Rampage!