Hitting the streets, literally

99 seconds of the tightest riding you’ll have seen all year, as you watch Rémy Métailler and Tomas Slavik try to fit down impossible staircases.

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Everyone loves a quick urban downhill vid and this one is one of the best ones we’ve seen for a while. The Grasse Urban DH took place in the French town on November 19th. In the end defeding champ Tomas Slavik won the race and Rémy Métailler came 5th.

But urban downhill isn’t about the actual race is it? It’s about wild helmetcam vids on YouTube! This video isn’t even two seconds in and Remy hits the deck. What’s the problem? He’s wedged his bike between two walls. Yes, it’s quite tight.

Take two: Rémy and Tomas manage to roll down the start ramp without incident but the first super-tight spiral flight of steps defeats them. Long wheelbases are great for stability but try to lever the back end of those bikes around some practically medieval stone steps and it’s a bit tricky.

Take three: the steps finally go… but then the chaps have a random pedestrian to deal with (at 26secs).

Other great moments: Tomas virtually shoulder barging the wall at 54secs and Rémy showing his DH pedigree and gapping flights of steps in doubles (1min 06secs).

Video description

Rémy Métailler: “Following Tomas Slavik, winner of the Grasse Urban DH 2017.”